Wendee Lee

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As one of the premiere voice artists on the cutting edge of Anime, Wendee Lee has voiced numerous characters for over 300 series, games and films. Best known as the fem fatale FAYE VALENTINE in the hit series “COWBOY BEBOP”, Wendee’s career includes a wide array of characters ranging from KONATA in “LUCKY STAR”, MOEGI in “NARUTO”, villainesses on “POWER RANGERS”, and RUMI in “PERFECT BLUE” to vamps like SPROCKET in “VIEWTIFUL JOE”, MITSUKA in “DearS” and LORETTA in “WILD ARMS”. She has voiced such memorable heroines as LADY ARIBETH in “NEVERWINTER KNIGHTS”, UMI & PRINCESS EMERAUDE in “MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH”, RYOKO in “SAMURAI GIRL: REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL”, RURIKO in “GATE KEEPERS”, SAKURA in “SAKURA WARS”, and sisters DA QIAO and XIAO QIAO in “DYNASTY WARRIOIRS”.

Creating a niche as ‘The Tough Chick’, she played MAYA in “TENJHO TENGE”, KIVA in “MEGAS XLR”, BUZAM in “VANDREAD”, BLACK ROSE in “.HACK”, FEE in” PLANETES”, DOROTHY in “MAR”, and KAGERO in “NINJA SCROLL”. On the softer side, her roles include CHARLOTTE in “VAMPIRE HUNTER D”, ANGEL in “THE BIG O”, ANTONIA in “HEAT GUY J”, KARASUMA in “WITCH HUNTER ROBYN”, “HELLO KITTY, STUMP VILLAGE” and her very first anime role VANESSA LEEDS in “ROBOTEC”.

Wendee’s diverse collection of characters have enabled her to play multiple roles in “BLEACH”, “BRIGADOON”, “GTO”, “MON COLLE KNIGHTS”, and “EVERQUEST II” as well as comediennes KAOLLA SU in “LOVE HINA”, TINA in “AI YORI AOSHI”, and WEDA in “HARE + GUU”. She’s also played several male characters such as TK in “DIGIMON”, KACHIRO in “PRINCE OF TENNIS”, YAHIKO in “RUROUNI KENSHIN” and GENKIMARU in “SD GUNDAM FORCE”. Her film roles include THE VELVETEEN RABBIT, LOLA in “RUN LOLA RUN”, KEI in “AKIRA”, and FEMBOTS in “AUSTIN POWERS”.

Currently she is voicing YORUICHI, TATSUKI and URURU in “BLEACH”, and HARUHI in “THE MELONCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA”, in addition to several interactive game titles, while also voice directing a number of new games, anime, and the hit series “BLEACH”.


DuckTales: Remastered (Video Game)
Mrs. Beakley (voice)

2013 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (Video Game)
Athena Cykes

2013 Robotech: Love Live Alive (Video)

2013 Secret Millionaires Club (TV Series)
– Paranormally, We Don’t Do This Kind of Thing (2013) … Hostess (voice)

2013 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital (TV Series)
Kejoro (2013)

2013 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Video Game)
Yugito Nii (English version, voice, rumored)

2012 Snow Queen
Shopkeeper / Flower Lady / Lapp Woman (English version, voice)

2012 Resident Evil: Damnation
Svetlana Belikova (voice)

2012 Monster High: Ghouls Rule! (TV Movie)
Nefera De Nile (voice, uncredited)

2012 Friends: New Girl in Town (TV Movie)
Aunt Sophie

2012 Ninja Gaiden 3 (Video Game)
Sanji (voice)

2012 Zero Escape Volume 2: Virtue’s Last Reward (Video Game)
Clover (voice)

2011 Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2011 B-Daman Crossfire (TV Series)
Samuru Shigami (English version, voice)

2011 Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (Video Game)
Zamarons (voice, as Wendy Lee)

2011 Dead or Alive Dimensions (Video Game)
Ayane (English version, voice)

2010-2011 Cloud Bread (TV Series)
Hongshi / Mom / Mimi / …
– Hiccup Trouble/Returning Baby Turtle Home/A Special Calendar (2011) … Hongshi / Mom / Ed’s Mom / … (voice)
– Dad’s Fairy Tale Book/New Mittens/My Sister’s Cold (2011) … Hongshi / Mom / Mimi (voice)
– The Riddle Contest/Cookie’s Bakery/Hongshi is a Tattletale (2011) … Hongshi / Mom / Mimi (voice)
– Toy Shop Sweep/Hongshi’s Many Dreams/What Should I Collect? (2011) … Hongshi / Mom / Mimi (voice)
– Crying Cloud Bread/Let’s Go Camping/Imagine That! (2011) … Hongshi / Mom / Mimi (voice)

2004-2011 Bleach (TV Series)
Yoruichi Shihoin / Tatsuki Arisawa / Ururu Tsumugiya / …
– The Soul Detective! Karakuraizer Takes Off Again! (2011) … Tatsuki Arisawa / Ururu Tsumugiya (English version, voice)
– Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Release, the Final Getsuga Tensho! (2011) … Tatsuki Arisawa (English version, voice)
– Emergency Situation! Aizen, New Evolution! (2011) … Tatsuki Arisawa (English version, voice)
– For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu (2011) … Tatsuki Arisawa (English version, voice)
– Real World and Shinigami! The New Year Special (2011) … Yoruichi Shihoin (English version, voice)

2011 Little Big Panda
Mrs. Cheng (English version, voice)

2010 Bleach: Hell Verse
Tatsuki Arisawa (English version, voice)

2010 Resident Evil 1.5: Fan Trailer (Short)

2010 Gods Eater Burst (Video Game) (voice)

2010 Arcania: Gothic 4 (Video Game)
Various (English version, voice)

2007-2010 Naruto: Shippûden (TV Series)
Moegi / Yugito Nii / Yugao Uzuki / …
– Surname is Sarutobi, Given Name, Konohamaru (2010) … Moegi (English version, voice)
– Assault on the Leaf Village! (2010) … Moegi (English version, voice)
– Shinobi no ketsui (2008) … Moegi (English version, voice)
– Shinobi yoru kyôi (2008) … Moegi / Yugito Nii (English version, voice)
– Tomo yo (2008) … Yugito Nii (English version, voice)

2010 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)

2009 Dragon Age: Origins (Video Game)
Lily (voice)

2009 Redline
Clerk (English version, voice)

2009 MagnaCarta 2 (Video Game)
Melissa Tiss (English version, voice)

2009 Katamari Forever (Video Game)
Mizue Hoshino (English version, voice, uncredited)

2009 The Velveteen Rabbit
Additional Voice (voice)

2009 Twice as Dead

2008 Epsilon 3 (Video)

2008 Gekijô ban Bleach: Fade to Black – Kimi no na o yobu
Yoruichi Shihoin (English version, voice)

2008 Klonoa (Video Game)
Karal / Moon Queen (English version, voice)

2008 Rune Factory Frontier (Video Game)

2008 Tales of Vesperia (Video Game)
Nan / Witcher (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Soulcalibur IV (Video Game)
Chai Xianghua (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (Video Game)
Chihiro Fushimi / Sayoko Uehara (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Video Game)
Aqua (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Warriors Orochi 2 (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Xing Cai (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Armored Core: For Answer (Video Game) (voice, uncredited)

2008 Baroque (Video Game)
The Bagged One (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Gekijô ban Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion – Mô hitotsu no hyôrinmaru
Yoruichi Shihoin / Ururu Tsumugiya (English version, voice)

2007 The Golden Compass (Video Game)
Witch / Adamo / Bolvangar Nurse (voice)

2007 Guilty Gear 2: Overture (Video Game)
Valentine (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Trauma Center: New Blood (Video Game)
Cynthia Kazakov / Tutorial Voice (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Dynasty Warriors 6 (Video Game)
Zhen Ji (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Video Game) (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Karas: The Revelation (Video)
Mary / Ohkubo Hospital Director (English version, voice)

2007 Operation Darkness (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Warriors Orochi (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Xing Cai (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Lucky Star (TV Series)
Konata Izumi
– Mitei (2007) … Konata Izumi (English version, voice)
– Bimyô na rain (2007) … Konata Izumi (English version, voice)
– Koko ni aru kanata (2007) … Konata Izumi (English version, voice)
– Pandora no hako (2007) … Konata Izumi (English version, voice)
– Natsu no sugoshi kata (2007) … Konata Izumi (English version, voice)

2007 Riviera: The Promised Land (Video Game)

2007 Odin Sphere (Video Game)
Elfaria / Alice / Alice’s Mother / … (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 GrimGrimoire (Video Game)
Lillet Blan (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 MegaMan Star Force (TV Series)
Sonia Sky

2007 Souru kureidoru: Sekai o kurau mono (Video Game)
Feinne / Tricia / Resilence (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption (Video Game)
Zelkova / Miscellaneous Voices (English version, voice)

2006 Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Video Game)
Nigredo / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2006 Dawn of Mana (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Benin / Jinta Hanakari (English version, voice)

2006 Bleach: Shattered Blade (Video Game)
Yoruichi Shihoin (English version, voice)

2006 Wild ARMs 5 (Video Game)
Rebecca Streisand (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005-2006 MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance (TV Series)
– 1st Batoru (1)! Alruvisu vs. Reno!! (2006) … Dorothy (English version, voice)
– Noroi no rousoku! Ginta vs. Kanocchi!! (2005) … Dorothy (English version, voice)
– Watashi, make nai yo! Kazan gun no sunou!! (2005) … Dorothy (English version, voice)
– Otoko o miseru ze Jakku! Mahou no kinoko!! (2005) … Dorothy (English version, voice)
– Okure te ki ta otoko! Aran!! (2005) … Dorothy (English version, voice)

2006 Culdcept SAGA (Video Game)
Anedia / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2006 EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer (Video Game)
Vampire (female)

2006 Kekkaishi (TV Series)
Ayano / Shizue Yukimura
– Blooms of Karasumori (2006) … Ayano (English version, voice, uncredited)
– Scars (2006) … Shizue Yukimura (English version, voice)

2006 .hack//G.U. Vol.2//Reminisce (Video Game)
Zelkova / Miscellaneous Voices (English version, voice)

2006 Arthur’s Missing Pal (Video)
Prunella / Mary Moo Cow (voice)

2003-2006 Naruto (TV Series)
Moegi / Tsubaki / Young Neji / …
– Ino zekkyou! Pocchari paradaisu (2006) … Princess Fortune (English version, voice)
– Warau Shino (2006) … Young Mai Kagetsu (English version, voice)
– Minna ore ni tsuitekoi! Ase to namida no takurami dai sabaibaru (2005) … Moegi (English version, voice)
– Innen no taiketsu! Omae ni ore wa taosanee (2005) … Tsubaki (English version, voice)
– Nokosareta yabou Orochimaru no kage (2005) … Tsubaki (English version, voice)

2006 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TV Series)
Haruhi Suzumiya
– Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu VI (2006) … Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)
– Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu V (2006) … Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)
– Raibu araibu (2006) … Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)
– Iteza no hi (2006) … Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)
– Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu IV (2006) … Haruhi Suzumiya (English version, voice)

2006 Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm (Video Game)
Yula Ellis / Ella Fulchapen (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 .hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth (Video Game)
Zelkova (English version, voice)

2006 Rumble Roses XX (Video Game)
Anesthesia / Dr. Anesthesia (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (Video Game)
Marcela Vasquez (voice, uncredited)

2006 Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Xiao Qiao / Zhen Ji (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (Video Game)
Rozalin / Taro (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Suikoden V (Video Game)
Hazuki (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia (Video Game)
Claire Branch / Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (Video Game)
Incidental Characters (English version, voice)

2005 Champions: Return to Arms (Video Game) (voice)

2005 Tales of the Abyss (Video Game)
Nephry Osborne / Rose / Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Soulcalibur III (Video Game)
Chai Xianghua (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (TV Series)
Sola (English version, voice)

2005 Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard (Video Game) (voice)

2005 Suikoden Tactics (Video Game)
Seneca (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Xiao Qiao / Zhen Ji (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Rainbow Six: Lockdown (Video Game) (voice)

2005 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2005 Tales of Legendia (Video Game)
Isabella (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance (Video Game)
Lola / Additional Members (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Rogue Galaxy (Video Game)
Queen Freidias / Mother Rune (English version, voice)

2005 Grandia III (Video Game)
Ruilia / Violetta (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004-2005 Monster (TV Series)
Schemel / Blue Sophie / Margot Langer / …
– Yohan no ashiato (2005) … Schemel (English version, voice)
– Tanoshii shokutaku (2005) … Schemel (English version, voice)
– Akuma o mita otoko (2005) … Martin’s Mother (English version, voice)
– Himitsu no mori (2004) … Blue Sophie / Margot Langer (English version, voice)
– Kinyoubi no seinen (2004) … Blue Sophie / Margot Langer (English version, voice)

2005 Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Video Game)
Sakura Shinguji (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Steambot Chronicles (Video Game)
Coriander / Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004-2005 Megas XLR (TV Series)
Kiva / Evil Kiva / Waitress / …
– Coop D’Etat (2005) … Kiva (voice)
– Rearview Mirror Mirror: Part 1 (2005) … Kiva / Evil Kiva (voice)
– Universal Remote (2005) … Kiva (voice)
– A Clockwork Megas (2004) … Kiva (voice)
– Ice Ice Megas (2004) … Kiva (voice)

2005 Wild Arms 4 (Video Game)
Raquel Applegate (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (Video Game)
Valvoga / Asagi (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Dynasty Warriors 5 (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Zhen Ji / Xiao Qiao (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Death by Degrees (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice, uncredited)

2005 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 (Video Game)
Sera / Seraph (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Duel Masters (TV Series)
Mai Kirifuda
– All Natural (2005) … Mai Kirifuda (English version, voice)
– Atta Boy, George (2005) … Mai Kirifuda (English version, voice)
– Boy Meets Duel (2005) … Mai Kirifuda (English version, voice)
– Break on Through to the Other Side (2005) … Mai Kirifuda (English version, voice)
– Deck Me Baby One More Time (2005) … Mai Kirifuda (English version, voice)

2004 Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Zhen Ji / Xiao Qiao (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Video Game)
Toshimi Tagami (English version, voice)

2004 Kangaroo Jack: G’Day, U.S.A.! (Video)
Limo Girl (voice)

2004 SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix (Video Game) (English version, voice)

2004 EverQuest II (Video Game)
Generic Female Kerran Merchant / Generic Female Ratonga Merchant / Generic Female Half Elf Merchant / … (voice)

2004 Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (Video Game)
Nastsaya Vasilievna Obertas (voice, uncredited)

2004 Neo Contra (Video Game)
Pheremone Contra / Lucia (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Grenadier: Hohoemi no senshi (TV Series)
Rushuna Tendo (English version, voice)

2004 Viewtiful Joe (TV Series)
Sprocket (English version, voice)

2004 Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends (Video Game)
Inahime (Ina) / Oichi (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Resident Evil: Outbreak – File #2 (Video Game)
Diaz (voice, uncredited)

2004 Suikoden IV (Video Game)
Jewel / Viki (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Duck Dodgers (TV Series)
Marsoon / Woman / Marsbit
– The Menace of Maninsuit/K-9 Quarry (2004) … Marsoon / Woman / Marsbit (voice)

2004 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (Video Game)
Sera (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 DearS (TV Series)
Mitsuka Yoshimine
– Amagamitai no (2004) … Mitsuka Yoshimine (voice)

2004 Soukyû no fafunâ (TV Series)
Yukie Kariya (English version, voice)

2004 Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed (Video Game)
Natalie (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Death and Pancakes (Short)

2004 Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (Video Game)
Lita Blanchimont (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Samurai Champloo (TV Series)
Hotaru (English version, voice)

2004 Tenjho tenge (TV Series)
Maya Natsume
– Ginen (2004) … Maya Natsume (English version, voice)
– Shikkoojin (2004) … Maya Natsume (English version, voice)
– Haiboku (2004) … Maya Natsume (English version, voice)
– Seiiki (2004) … Maya Natsume (English version, voice)
– Gen’ei (2004) … Maya Natsume (English version, voice)

2004 Le portrait de petite cossette (Video short)
Dr. Hatsumi Mataki (voice)

2004 New Getter Robo (TV Series)
Ainy, Muchiru Saotome (English version, voice)

2004 Koi kaze (TV Mini-Series)
Makie Kohinata (English version, voice)

2004 Samurai Warriors (Video Game)
Oichi (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Paranoia Agent (TV Series)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2004 Breakdown (Video Game)
Stephania Wojinski (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Hikari to mizu no Daphne (TV Series)
Rena Honjo (English version, voice)

2003 Front Mission 4 (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 Aquarian Age Saga II: Don’t Forget Me… (Video)
Yoko Ashray / Boy / Yuna Itsuki / … (English version, voice)

2003 Lords of EverQuest (Video Game)
Announcer (voice)

2003 Ikki tôsen (TV Series)
– Jû san (2003) … Goei (English version, voice)
– Jû ni (2003) … Goei (English version, voice)
– Jû ichi (2003) … Goei (English version, voice)
– Jû (2003) … Goei (English version, voice)
– Kyû (2003) … Goei (English version, voice)

2003 Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (Video Game)
Succubus (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 Gungrave (TV Series)
Residant, Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2003 Planetes (TV Series)
Fee Carmichael
– Taiki no soto de (2003) … Fee Carmichael (English version, voice)

2003 Rumic Theater: Mermaid Forest (TV Series)
Yuko Haga, Female Guest, Nurse (English version, voice)

2003 Ai yori aoshi ‘enishi’ (TV Series)
Tina Foster (English version, voice)

2003 Avenger (TV Series)
Maid dolls (English version, voice)

2003 Soulcalibur II (Video Game)
Chai Xianghua (English version, voice)

2003 Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Zhen Ji / Xiao Qiao (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 Immortal Grand Prix (TV Mini-Series)

2003 Drakengard (Video Game)
Faerie (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 SD Gundam Force (TV Series)
Genkimaru (voice)

2003 Onegai Twins (TV Series)
Natchan (English version, voice)

2003 Dynasty Tactics 2 (Video Game)
Lu Ling Qi (voice, uncredited)

1999-2003 Digimon: Digital Monsters (TV Series)
TK Takaishi / Mako / Jarryn Wong / …
– Glean Eggs and Scram (2003) … Swanmon (English version, voice)
– Crimson Tides: Part 1: Jeri Fights Back (2002) … Mako (English version, voice)
– His Kingdom for a Horse (2002) … Daisy (English version, voice)
– Shadow of the Beast King (2002) … Daisy / Jarryn Wong (English version, voice)
– The Messenger (2002) … Jarryn Wong (English version, voice)

2003 Gad Guard (TV Series)
Wendee Lee (English version, voice)

2003 Texhnolyze (TV Series)
Mari (English version, voice)

2003 .hack//Quarantine (Video Game)
BlackRose (English version, voice)

2003 Scrapped Princess (TV Series)
Senes, Beast Princess, Diana (English version, voice)

2003 Stellvia (TV Series)
Chiaka Katase (English version, voice)

1999-2003 The Big O (TV Series)
Angel / Child / Girl
– The Show Must Go On (2003) … Angel (English version, voice)
– The War of the Paradigm City (2003) … Angel / Child (English version, voice)
– The Big Fight (2003) … Angel (English version, voice)
– Twisted Memories (2003) … Angel (English version, voice)
– Hydra (2003) … Angel (English version, voice)

2003 .hack//Legend of the Twilight (TV Series)
Michi / Additional Voices
– Densetsu no Hajimari (2003) … Michi / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Sekai no owari (2003) … Michi / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Maboroshi no Miyako (2003) … Michi / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Hokai no ashioto (2003) … Michi / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Koko no kishi (2003) … Michi / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2003 Dynasty Warriors 4 (Video Game)
Da Qiao / Zhen Ji / Xiao Qiao (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Video Game)
Nel Zelpher (English version, voice, uncredited)

2003 .hack//SIGN (TV Series)
– Unison (2003) … BlackRose (English version, voice)

2002 Kurogane Communication (Video short)
Trigger / Angela / Lillith (English version, voice)

2002 .hack//Outbreak (Video Game)
BlackRose (English version, voice)

2002 The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale (TV Movie)

2002 Please Teacher! (TV Series)
Nacchan / Hatsuho Kazami
– Himitsu na futari (2002) … Nacchan / Hatsuho Kazami (English version, voice)
– Mazuiyo seinsei (2002) … Nacchan / Hatsuho Kazami (English version, voice)

2002 Ju-on: The Grudge
Rika (English version, voice, uncredited)

2002 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV Series)
Phoebe (English version, voice)

2002 Heat Guy J (TV Series)
Janis, Dr. Antonia Bellucci, Kid A (English version, voice)

2002 .hack//Mutation (Video Game)
BlackRose (English version, voice)

2002 Alive
Yurika Saegusa (English version, voice)

2002 Haibane renmei (TV Series)
Kuramori (English version, voice)

2002 Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe (Video)
Weda (English version, voice)

2002 Cyborg 009 (TV Series)
Mary / Ixquic
– Old Friends (2002) … Mary (English version, voice)
– The City of Wind (2002) … Ixquic (English version, voice)

2002 Overman King-Gainer (TV Series)
Adett Kisler (English version, voice)

2002 Digimon: Island of the Lost Digimon
Bearmon (English version, voice)

2002 The Twelve Kingdoms (TV Series)
Kourin / Gyokuyou, Kourin
– Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow: The Final Chapter (2002) … Kourin (English version, voice)
– Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow: Part 10 (2002) … Kourin (English version, voice)
– Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow: Part 8 (2002) … Gyokuyou, Kourin (English version, voice)

2000-2002 Shinzo (TV Series)
Queen Rusephine / Additional Voices
– Bee-Ware the Hunters (2002) … Queen Rusephine / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Awakening (2000) … Queen Rusephine / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2002 Ground Defense Force Mao-chan (TV Series)
Yuriko Oozora (English version, voice)

2002 Witch Hunter Robin (TV Series)
Miho Karasuma (English version, voice)

2002 .hack//Infection (Video Game)
BlackRose (English version, voice)

2002 Neverwinter Nights (Video Game)
Aribeth / PC ‘Innocent Idealist’ (voice)

2002 Ekusu doraibâ: Nina ando rei denjâ zôn
Dispatch (English version, voice)

2002 Ekusu doraibâ za mûbî
Lovebird (English version, voice)

2002 Chobits (TV Series)
Takako Shimizu (English version, voice)

2002 Tenchi Muyô! GXP (TV Series)
Kiriko Masaki (English version, voice)

2002 Armitage: Dual Matrix (Video)
Reporter / Flight Attendant (voice)

2002 Kessen II (Video Game)
Diao Chan (voice, uncredited)

2002 Might and Magic IX (Video Game) (voice)

2002 Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (Video Game)
Mary Godwin (English version, voice, uncredited)

2002 Love Hina Again (Video short)
Kaolla Su / Tama (English version, voice)

2002 Bluer Than Indigo (TV Series)
Answering Machine Message, Tina Foster, Bus Intercom (English version, voice)

2001 Hand Maid May (Video)
Cyberdoll Sara (English version, voice)

2001 Kikaider 01: The Animation (Video short)
Mari / Bijinder (English version, voice)

2001 Mon Colle Knights (TV Series)
Batch / Ms. Loon
– Episode #1.6 … Batch / Ms. Loon (English version, voice)
– Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary … Batch / Ms. Loon (English version, voice)

2001 Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness (Video Game)
Queen Theodora / Mary / Fetherian Queen / … (voice)

2001 The Prince of Tennis (TV Series)
Kachiro Kato / Saori Shiba (English version, voice)

2001 Power Rangers Time Force (TV Series)
Redeye Mutant / Redeye
– Reflections of Evil (2001) … Redeye Mutant (voice)
– Uniquely Trip (2001) … Redeye (voice)

2001 Mahoromatic (TV Series)
Young Suguru Misato, Teacher Saori Shikijo, Shop Owner, Black Haired Sakura Sister, Child, Yochimiland Employee (English version, voice)

2001 X (TV Series)
Karen Kasumi (English version, voice)

2001 Kaze no yôjinbô (TV Series)
Casino Dealer / Nun / Maki / … (English version, voice)

2001 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Faye Valentine (English version, voice)

2001 Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School (TV Series)
Ryoko Mitsurugi (English version, voice)

2001 Cosmo Warrior Zero (TV Series)
Maetel (English version, voice)

2001 Mahô shôjo neko Taruto (TV Series)
Chitose (English version, voice)

2001 Phase Paradox (Video Game)
Various (voice)

2001 Janguru wa itsumo hare nochi Guu (TV Series)
Weda (English version, voice)

2001 Love Hina Spring Special (TV Movie)
Kaolla Su / Tama / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2001 Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix (Video Game)
Hana Tsu-Vachel (voice)

2001 Outlaw Star (TV Series)
Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka
– Maze of Despair (2001) … Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka (voice)
– Return to Space (2001) … Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka (voice)
– Cutting the Galactic Leyline (2001) … Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka (voice)
– Hot Springs Planet Tenrei (2001) … Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka (voice)
– Gravity Jailbreak (2001) … Kei Pirate / Twilight Suzuka (voice)

2001 Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus (TV Series)
Additional Voices (voice)

2000 Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve (TV Movie)
Kaolla Su / Tama / Young Keitaro Urashima (English version, voice)

2000 The Bouncer (Video Game)
Leann Caldwell / PD-4 (English version, voice)

2000 Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death (Video Game) (voice)

2000 Android Kikaider: The Animation (TV Series)
Miyuki (English version, voice)

2000 Argentosoma (TV Series)
Joan (English version, voice)

2000 Vandread (TV Series)
Buzem A. Calessa (English version, voice)

2000 Love Hina (TV Series)
Motoko Aoyama / Kaolla Su
– I Love You!/Romantic Confession Inside a Cave/Tall Tale (2000) … Motoko Aoyama / Kaolla Su (English version, voice)

2000 Brigadoon: Marin to Melan (TV Series)
Marin Asagi / Lolo / Moto Asagi / …
– A Light Blue Encounter (2000) … Marin Asagi / Lolo / Moto Asagi / … (English version, voice)

2000 Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card
Kerberos (small) / Sonomi Daidouji (English version, voice)

2000 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Charlotte (voice)

2000 DinoZaurs (TV Series)
Ronnie (Kaito’s little brother) (English version, voice)

2000 Gate Keepers (TV Series)
Ruriko Ikusawa (voice)

2000 Digimon: The Movie
Young T.K. / Little girl #1 / Party girl #1 / … (English version, voice)

2000 Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer (Video Game) (voice)

2000 Kero-chan ni omakase! (Short)
Keroberos (English version, voice)

1999 Arc the Lad (TV Series)
Kukuru / News Anchor / Boy / …
– Beyond the Sound of Waves … Kukuru / News Anchor / Boy / … (voice)
– Pale Goddess … Kukuru / News Anchor / Boy / … (voice)

1999 Dual! Paralle lunlun monogatari (TV Series)
Mitsuki Rara / Miss Rah (English version, voice)

1999 Makai tenshô: The Armageddon

1999 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender (Video)
Alpha 6 (voice)

1999 Sol Bianca: The Legacy
April (English version, voice)

1999 Tenchi Muyô! In Love 2: Haruka naru omoi

1999 Tenshi ni narumon (TV Series)
Miruru, Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1999 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (TV Series)
Alpha 6
– Journey’s End: Part 2 (1999) … Alpha 6 (voice)
– Quasar Quest: Part 2 (1999) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)

1999 Wild ARMs: Twilight Venom (TV Series)
Loretta Oratorio (English version, voice)

1999 Omishi mahou gekijou Risky Safety (TV Series)
Lani, Moe’s Mother (English version, voice)

1999 Black Heaven (TV Series)
Sato’s Wife (English version, voice)

1999 GTO (TV Series)
Nanako’s Mother, Takahama, Azusa Fuyutsuki, Mrs. Sakurai, Examinee, Tadashi Sakurai, Kyoko Uehara, Miyabi Aziwawa, Teacher, Kaori Ueda (English version, voice)

1999 Error in Judgment
Voice-over (voice)

1998-1999 Cowboy Bebop (TV Series)
Faye Valentine
– The Real Folk Blues: Part 2 (1999) … Faye Valentine (English version, voice)
– The Real Folk Blues: Part 1 (1999) … Faye Valentine (English version, voice)
– Hard Luck Woman (1999) … Faye Valentine (English version, voice)
– Brain Scratch (1999) … Faye Valentine (English version, voice)
– Cowboy Funk (1999) … Faye Valentine (English version, voice)

1999 Pet Shop of Horrors (TV Series)
– Daughter (1999) … Alice (English version, voice)

1999 Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia (Video Game) (voice)

1999 Reign: The Conqueror (TV Series)
Euclid / Olympias
– Amon no shintaku (1999) … Euclid / Olympias (English version, voice)
– Gaugamera no shitô (1999) … Euclid / Olympias (English version, voice)
– Gorudio no kibiki (1999) … Euclid / Olympias (English version, voice)
– Gyakusatsu gyô (1999) … Euclid / Olympias (English version, voice)
– Katarushisu (1999) … Euclid / Olympias (English version, voice)

1998 Bushido Blade 2 (Video Game)
Jo / Mikado (English version, voice)

1998 El Hazard: The Alternative World (TV Series)
Young Gilda (English version, voice)

1998 Tenchi Muyô! Manatsu no Eve

1998 If I See You in My Dreams (TV Series)
Minako Akashi (English version, voice)

1998 Power Rangers in Space (TV Series)
Alpha 6
– Countdown to Destruction: Part 2 (1998) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)
– Countdown to Destruction: Part 1 (1998) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)
– The Impenetrable Web (1998) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)
– Ghosts in the Machine (1998) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)
– Misson to Secret City (1998) … Alpha 6 (voice, uncredited)

1998 Rusty: A Dog’s Tale
Additional Voices (voice)

1998 Brave Fencer Musashi (Video Game)
Wanda (English version, voice)

1998 Nightwalker: Midnight Detective (TV Series)
Yoko Asahina
– The Terms of Stardom (1998) … Yoko Asahina (English version, voice)

1998 Sun faa sau si
Rolls (English version, voice)

1998 Adventures of the Mini Goddesses (TV Series)

1997-1998 Kyûketsuki Miyu (TV Series)
Reiha / Nami / Reiha’s Mother / …
– The Eternal Sleep (1998) … Reiha (English version, voice)
– Confrontation (1998) … Reiha / Reiha’s Mother (English version, voice)
– Once Upon a Time (1998) … Reiha (English version, voice)
– Flag of Shinma (1998) … Reiha (English version, voice)
– Butterfly Enchantment (1998) … Ruri Sone (English version, voice)

1998 Gotcha (TV Movie) (voice)

1997 Battle Athletes (Video)
Student With Accent / Tomoe Midou / Student / … (English version, voice)

1997 El Hazard: The Magnificent World 2 (Video)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1997 Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play – Reflections OAV 2 (Video)
Yui Hongo (voice)

1997 Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play – Reflections OAV 3 (Video)
Yui Hongo (English version, voice)

1997 Gestalt
Ohri (English version, voice)

1997 Ghost in the Shell (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1997 Kuro no tenshi Vol. 1
Assassin (English version, voice)

1997 Shin Tenchi Muyô (TV Series)
Kiyone (English version, voice)

1997 Battle Athletes Victory (TV Series)
Ichino ‘Itchan’ Yanagida (English version, voice)

1997 Armitage III: Poly Matrix (Video)
Additional Voices (voice)

1997 Rayearth (Video)
Umi / Emeraude (English version, voice)

1997 Perfect Blue
Rumi (English version, voice)

1996 Fushigi Yûgi: Memories First OAV (Video)
Yui Hongo (voice)

1996 Space Cobra (Video)
Dominique (voice)

1996 Yû yû hakusho: Eizô hakusho 2 (Video) (English version, voice)

1996 Zero Woman III: Keishichô 0-ka no onna
Dominatrix (English version, voice)

1996 Blood & Magic (Video Game) (voice)

1996 Power Rangers Zeo (TV Series)
– Rangers of Two Worlds: Part 2 (1996) … Impersonator (voice)
– Rangers of Two Worlds: Part 1 (1996) … Impersonator (voice)

1996 Magical Project S (TV Series)
Female Scientist / Radio Newscaster / Strolling Mother / … (English version, voice)

1995-1996 Masked Rider (TV Series)
Magno / Reporter / Newscaster
– Race Against Time (1996) … Magno (voice)
– Ectophase Albee (1996) … Magno (voice)
– Mixed Doubles (1996) … Magno (voice)
– Power Out (1996) … Magno (voice)
– Showdown at Leawood High (1996) … Magno (voice)

1996 Weather Girl (Video)
Keiko Nakadai (English version, voice)

1996 Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego? (Video Game) (voice)

1996 Black Jack
Betty Moore / Lisa Siegel (English version, voice)

1996 Sumo Vixens (Video)
Komasa Akagi (English version, voice)

1995-1996 V.R. Troopers (TV Series)
Knighttime / Red Python / Lizbot / …
– Time Out (1996) … Knighttime (voice)
– Field and Scream (1996) … Knighttime (voice)
– Dream Battle (1995) … Knighttime (voice)
– Forward into the Past (1995) … Knighttime / Lizbot (voice)
– The Rise of the Red Python: Part 2 (1995) … Red Python (voice)

1996 Amagedon
Marie Kim, Pandora (English version, voice)

1996 Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai (TV Series)
Yahiko Myojin / Yumi Komagata
– Kid Samurai: A Big Ordeal and a New Student (1996) … Yahiko Myojin / Yumi Komagata (voice, as Elyse Floyd)

1995 3×3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon (Video)
Don, Sanjhiyan #2 (English version, voice)

1995 Turtle (as Wendy Lee)

1993-1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Series)
Scorpina / Elf #2 / Stag Beetle / …
– I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger (1995) … Elf #2 (voice)
– Ninja Quest: Part 1 (1995) … Stag Beetle (voice)
– Zedd Waves (1994) … Scorpina (voice, as Wendee Swan)
– A Monster of Global Proportions (1994) … Scorpina (voice, as Wendee Swan)
– The Ninja Encounter: Part 3 (1994) … Scorpina (voice, as Wendee Swan)

1995 El Hazard: Wanderers (TV Series)
Additional Voices (English version) (voice)

1995 Terminatrix (Video)
Terminatrix (English version, voice)

1994-1995 Tonde Buurin (TV Series)
Penny Round
– Chô shôjo no mirai (1995) … Penny Round (English version, voice)
– Namida no metamorphose (1995) … Penny Round (English version, voice)
– Kiki! Nerawareta gakuen (1995) … Penny Round (English version, voice)
– Aku no hanazono ga warau toki (1995) … Penny Round (English version, voice)
– Kedakaki onna no yakata (1995) … Penny Round (English version, voice)

1995 Street Fighter II: V (TV Series)
– Tabidachi, San Francisco kara no shôtaijô (1995) … Linko

1995 Armitage III (Video)
Flight Attendant / Julie Blanshin (English version, voice)

1995 Red Hawk: Weapon of Death (Video)
Yunlyung (Animaze 1998) (English version, voice)

1994 Teknoman (TV Series)
Shara Carter

1994 Yûgen kaisha (Video short)
Ayaka Kisaragi (English version, voice)

1994 Zeiramu 2
Iria (English version, voice)

1994 Magic Knight Rayearth (TV Series)
Umi Ryuuzaki / Princess Emeraude (1994) (English version, voice)

1994 Macross Plus (Video)
Reporter / hotel clerk (English version, voice)

1994 Marmalade Boy (TV Series)
Rumi Koishikawa / Chigusa / School Girl / …
– Episode #1.1 (1994) … Rumi Koishikawa / Chigusa / School Girl / … (English version, voice)

1994 Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb (Video Game) (voice)

1994 Might and Magic: World of Xeen (Video Game) (voice)

1994 Tokyo Revelation (Video)
Airplane Passenger / Classmate (Animaze 1997) (English version, voice)

1993 Crying Freeman 6: The Guiding Light of Memory (Video)
Emu (English version, voice)

1993 Moldiver (Video short)
Elizabeth (4-6) (English version)

1993 The Super Dimension Century Orguss 02 (Video short)
Torria / Narrator (English version, voice)

1993 Yû Yû Hakusho: The Golden Seal (Short) (Additional Voices) (Media Blasters dub) (English version, voice)

1993 Ninja Scroll
Kagero (English version, voice, as Wendee Day)

1993 Yû yû hakusho: Eizô hakusho (Video short) (English version, voice)

1992 Bastard!!
Tia Note Yoko (English version, voice)

1992 Crying Freeman 5: Abduction in Chinatown (Video)
Emu (English version, voice)

1992 Îsu II: Tenkû no shinden (Video short)
Maria / Tarf (English version, voice)

1992 Tenchi Muyô! Ryô Ôki (TV Series)
Female Kagato / Kiyone Masaki – OVA 3 (English version, voice)

1992 Babel II: Perfect Collection (Video short)
Yuka Osenji (English version, voice)

1992 Iron Virgin Jun (Video)
Jun Asuka (English version, voice)

1991 Crying Freeman 4: A Taste of Revenge (Video)
Emu (English version, voice)

1991 Here Is Greenwood (Video)
Nagisa Tezuka (2004 Bang Zoom!) (English version, voice)

1991 Silent Möbius
Nami Yamigumo (English version, voice)

1991 Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Bertuo Rodriguez / Jessica N’quro (English version, voice)

1990 Crying Freeman 3: Shades of Death, Part 2 (Video)
Emu (English version, voice)

1990 Dirty Pair (TV Series)
– Flight 005 Conspiracy (1990) … Yuri (English version, voice)
– Project Eden … Yuri (English version, voice)

1989 Crying Freeman 2: Shades of Death, Part 1 (Video)
Emu (English version, voice)

1989 Dirty Pair (Video short)
Julie / Yuri (English version, voice)

1989 Manxmouse (voice, as Wendee Swan)

1989 Lady Terminator
Jill Peterson (English version, voice)

1989 Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket (TV Mini-Series)
Chris (English version, voice)

1989 Goku Midnight Eye (Video) (English version)

1989 Dragon Ball
Lena (English version, voice, as Wendee Swan)

1988 Robotech II: The Sentinels (Video)
Janice (voice, uncredited)

1988 Akira
Kei (English version, voice)

1988 Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis
Yukiko (Streamline 1993) (English version, voice)

1987 Wings of Honneamise
Bar Patron / News Reel Narrator (English version, voice)

1987 Akai kôdan Zillion (TV Series)
Amy (English version, voice)

1987 Original Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Yuri (English version, voice)

1987 Dôwa meita senshi Windaria
Juliet 1 (English version, voice)

1987 La llamada de los gnomos (TV Series)
Bruna (1987) (voice)

1986 They Were Eleven
Frol (English version, voice)

1986 Robotech: The Movie
Stacy Embry (voice, as Wendee Swan)

1986 Maple Town (TV Series)
Bobby Bear
– Ika naide! Sensei (1986) … Bobby Bear (English version, voice)

1986 Fist of the North Star
Pillage victim (English version, voice)

1985 Fight! Iczer-1 (Video)
Iczer-One (English version, voice)

1985 Dâti pea: Nôrandia no nazo (Video)
Yuri (Streamline) (English version, voice)

1985 Robotech (TV Series)
Vanessa Leeds
– Boobytrap (1985) … Vanessa Leeds (voice)

1985 Codename: Robotech (TV Movie)
Vanessa Leeds (as Wendee Swan)

1984 Katy Caterpillar (English version, voice, as Wendy Lengyel)

1983 Barefoot Gen
Shinji Nakaoka / Eiko Nakaoka / Ryuta Kondo (English version, voice)

1982 Space Adventure Cobra
Dominique (English version, voice)

1981 Unico
Akuma no ko (Beezle) / Chao (English version, voice)