Shelley Calene-Black

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Named one of the “Babes of Anime – America’s hottest voice actresses” by Anime Insider Magazine and featured on IGN, Shelley has voiced hundreds of characters for anime series, films and games. Most recently, she won the 2012 Behind the Voice Actors award for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime TV Series/OVA as Hamyuts Meseta in The Book of Bantorra. Shelley started her voice-over career with ADV Films in the late 90’s voicing lead female characters IN SIN: THE MOVIE as JC Armack and the SORCEROUS STABBER ORPHEN series as the obnoxious, though lovable, Cleao. Some fan fave roles (and Shelley’s too) over the years from ADV, Sentai Filmworks and Funimation include: Mirielle in NOIR, Captain Jonah in Starhip Troopers, Cortana and Dr Halsey in Halo Legends; Kalifa in One Piece; Canaan in Canaan; Nike in Appleseed Saga; Mariko in Summer Wars, Kyou in Clannad; Sakuya in Red Garden; Kiyoko in Gilgamesh; Jennifer in This Ugly Yet Beautiful World;, Mother Ant in Oh! Super Milk Chan; Leda in Cashern Sins, as well as live action films including: Dark Water; Gamera; Conduct Zero, Synesthesia and Yesterday. In addition to anime, Shelley has voiced numerous television, radio and television commercials, as well as maintains a healthy on-stage and on-camera career. As an award winning stage actress, Shelley has performed at a number of regional theatres including Stages Repertory Theatre, the Tony Award Winning Alley Theatre and Catastrophic Theatre in Houston (where she was an original company member alongside Emmy Award Winning actor Jim Parsons). Television and film roles include: Drop Dead Diva, Memphis Beat, Puncture, Playing House, Garrison, Esthers Diary, and Deep Terror.


Deep Terror (filming)

2013 Drop Dead Diva (TV Series)
– Surrogates (2013)

2012 Starship Troopers: Invasion
Captain Jonah (voice)

2011 Journey to Agartha
Asuna’s Mother (English version, voice)

2011 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
Miranda (English version, voice)

2011 Puncture
Hospital Administrator 2

2011 The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl
Kisaragi / Kisaragi’s Mother (English version, voice)

2011 Playing House

2010 Highschool of the Dead (TV Series)
Yuriko Takagi
– All Deads Attack (2010) … Yuriko Takagi (English version, voice)
– The Dead’s House Rules (2010) … Yuriko Takagi (English version, voice)
– The Sword and Dead (2010) … Yuriko Takagi (English version, voice)
– The Dead Way Home (2010) … Yuriko Takagi (English version, voice)

2010 Loups=Garous
Shizue Fuwa (English version, voice)

2010 Jon Wuz Here (Video short)

2010 Memphis Beat (TV Series)
Principal Goodman
– Baby, Let’s Play House (2010) … Principal Goodman

2010 Broken Blade: The Split Path
Narvi Stryza (English version, voice)

2010 Esther’s Diary
Maria Patterson

2010 Broken Blade: The Time of Awakening
Narvi Stryza (English version, voice)

2009-2010 The Book of Bantorra (TV Series)
Hamyuts Meseta
– Sekai no chikara (2010) … Hamyuts Meseta (English version, voice)
– Shokuzai to madoi to hon no naka no hon (2010) … Hamyuts Meseta (English version, voice)
– Seijaku to damin to zetsubô no monogatari (2010) … Hamyuts Meseta (English version, voice)
– Shinjitsu to koi to daini fûin shoko (2010) … Hamyuts Meseta (English version, voice)
– Datsugoku to dôgu to sabaku no sumire (2010) … Hamyuts Meseta (English version, voice)

2010 Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost
Chigusa Iinuma (English version, voice)

2010 Halo Legends (Video)
Cortana / Dr. Halsey (segments “Origins” “The Package and “Homecomming”) (voice)

2009 Canaan (TV Series)
– Kibou no chi (2009) … Canaan (English version, voice)
– Kisetsu ressha (2009) … Canaan (English version, voice)
– Shiisou (2009) … Canaan (English version, voice)
– Sôshitsu (2009) … Canaan (English version, voice)
– Kakobana (2009) … Canaan (English version, voice)

2009 Summer Wars
Mariko Jin’nôchi (English version, voice)

2009 Clannad: After story – Mô hitotsu no sekai – Kyô hen (Video short)
Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)

2009 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2009 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (TV Series)
Phone operator
– Sorezore no yukusaki (2009) … Phone operator (English version, voice)

2008-2009 Clannad: After Story (TV Series)
Kyou Fujibayashi / Yuki
– Sôshû hen: Midori no ki no shitade (2009) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Bangai hen: Ichinenmae no dekigoto (2009) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Shiokaze no tawamure (2009) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Shiroi yami (2009) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Sotsugyô (2009) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)

2008 Hokuto no ken Raô gaiden: Ten no haô (TV Series)
– Waga omomuku wa ten no michi! (2008) … Sakuya (English version, voice)
– Ima otsuru ken’ôfu (2008) … Sakuya (English version, voice)
– Seitei, arawaru! (2008) … Sakuya (English version, voice)
– Nessa ni kudakeru ken! (2008) … Sakuya (English version, voice)
– Onna no tatakai! (2008) … Sakuya (English version, voice)

2008 Rosario to Vampire Capu2 (TV Series)
Ririko Kagome
– Cross and Family and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (voice)
– Sealing and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (voice)
– Lilith Mirror and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (voice)
– Bishounen and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (voice)
– Skiing and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (voice)

2008 Zettai shôgeki: Puratonikku hâto – Hashiridasu shukumei (Video)
Suzuko (English version, voice)

2008 Sekirei (TV Series)
Takami Sahashi
– The Sekirei of Fate (2008) … Takami Sahashi (English version, voice)
– Sekirei Crest Erasure (2008) … Takami Sahashi (English version, voice)
– The Black Sekirei (2008) … Takami Sahashi (English version, voice)
– Izumo Inn Flower Troops (2008) … Takami Sahashi (English version, voice)
– The Water Sekirei (2008) … Takami Sahashi (English version, voice)

2008/II Forgiveness

2007-2008 Clannad (TV Series)
Kyou Fujibayashi
– Natsuyasumi no dekigoto (2008) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Kage futatsu (2008) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Gakuensai ni mukete (2008) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Himerareta kako (2008) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)
– Atarashii seikatsu (2008) … Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)

2008 Rosario to Vampire (TV Series)
Ririko Kagome
– Mathematics and a Vampire (2008) … Ririko Kagome (English version, voice)

2008 Garrison
Karen Taylor

2008 Xam’d: Lost Memories (TV Series)
Ishuu Benikawa
– Assault: The Zanbani … Ishuu Benikawa (English version, voice)
– Blackout on Sentan Island … Ishuu Benikawa (English version, voice)
– Cerulean Skies … Ishuu Benikawa (English version, voice)
– Enlightenment … Ishuu Benikawa (English version, voice)
– Flowers Blooming in the Dark … Ishuu Benikawa (English version, voice)

2007 Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina
Nike (English version, voice)

2007 Blue Drop: Tenshi tachi no gikyoku (TV Series)
Mari’s Grandmother / Additional Voices
– Lavandula (2007) … Mari’s Grandmother / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Hydrangea (2007) … Mari’s Grandmother / Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2007 Clannad
Kyou Fujibayashi (English version, voice)

2007 Love and Mary

2007 5 Centimeters Per Second (English version, voice)

2007 Kanon (TV Series)
Mai’s Mother
– Kakurenbo no shou soumeikyoku ‘sonatina’ (2007) … Mai’s Mother (English version, voice)

2006 009-1 (TV Series)
– Minato (2006) … Mary (English version, voice)

2006 Redo gâden (TV Series)
– Mo hitotsu no, unmei (2006) … Lula (English version, voice)
– Chiisana hikari (2006) … Lula (English version, voice)
– Sorezore no mado (2006) … Lula (English version, voice)
– Watashitachi wa, doko he? (2006) … Lula (English version, voice)
– Honto no watashi (2006) … Lula (English version, voice)

2006 Air Gear (TV Series)
Mikan Noyamano
– Trick: 25 (2006) … Mikan Noyamano (English version, voice)
– Trick: 24 (2006) … Mikan Noyamano (English version, voice)
– Trick: 22 (2006) … Mikan Noyamano (English version, voice)
– Trick: 21 (2006) … Mikan Noyamano (English version, voice)
– Trick: 16 (2006) … Mikan Noyamano (English version, voice)

2006 Otoshimono
Kanae’s Mother (English version, voice)

2006 Kiba (TV Series)
– Unmei no kaze (2006) … Sara (English version, voice)

2005 401-K.O. (Short)
Lady Masters (voice)

2005 Pani poni dasshu! (TV Series)
Miss Igarashi
– Yô ni kanaeba takara nari (2005) … Miss Igarashi (English version, voice)
– Seiten o homeru ni wa nichibotsu o mate (2005) … Miss Igarashi (English version, voice)
– Yamumi yori miru me (2005) … Miss Igarashi (English version, voice)
– Kurenai wa sonou ni haetemo kakurenashi (2005) … Miss Igarashi (English version, voice)
– Kan ni katabira doyô ni nunoko (2005) … Miss Igarashi (English version, voice)

2005 Synesthesia
Lieutenant Aki (English version, voice)

2005 Air: The Motion Picture
Yukito’s Mother (English version, voice)

2005 Gensomaden saiyûki: Requiem (Video)
Yaone (English version, voice)

2004 Lady Death (Video)
Lucifer’s Concubines, Slave Girl (English version, voice)

2004 Samurai Gun (TV Series)
Ohana (English version, voice)

2004 Erufen rîto (TV Series)
Shirakawa (English version, voice)

2004 Mezzo DSA (TV Series)
Newscaster / Aiko / News Anchor / …
– So no Kara (2004) … Newscaster (English version, voice)
– Hoshi no kara (2004) … Aiko (English version, voice)
– Kô no kara (2004) … News Anchor (English version, voice)
– Curses no Kara (2004) … Newscaster (English version, voice)
– Sen Oku no Kara (2004) … Newscaster (English version, voice)

2003-2004 Gilgamesh (TV Series)
Kiyoko Madoka
– Conversation Piece (2004) … Kiyoko Madoka (English version, voice)
– Gil Games Night (2004) … Kiyoko Madoka (English version, voice)
– Cleansing Flood (2004) … Kiyoko Madoka (English version, voice)
– Sacrifice (2004) … Kiyoko Madoka (English version, voice)
– Heaven’s Gate (2004) … Kiyoko Madoka (English version, voice)

2004 Appleseed
Nike (English version, voice)

2004 Chôjûshin Guravion Zuwai (TV Series)
– Chôjûshin sairin (2004) … Tessera (English version, voice)

2004 This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (TV Series)
Jennifer Portman (English version, voice)

2004 All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV, Vol. 1: Keep the Peace on Earth! (Video)

2003 Parasite Dolls
Chieko (English version, voice, as Shelly Calene Black)

2003 Kino’s Journey (TV Series)
Lovely Assistant, Wife, Librarian
– The Country of Books (2003) … Lovely Assistant, Wife, Librarian (English version, voice)

2003 Mousou Kagaku Series Wandaba Style (TV Series)
Hanagata’s Mother / Tri-Color Girl / Washing Machine (English version, voice)

2003 Kaleido Star (TV Series)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2002 Unlimited Saga (Video Game)
Tiffon / Platphyllum (English version, voice, as Shelley Black)

2002 No Manners
Joong-pil’s Mother (English version, voice)

2002 Gravion (TV Series)
Tesera (English version, voice)

2002 Azumanga Daioh (TV Series)
Announcer, Eiko, Nurse, Yomi’s Mom (English version, voice)

2002 Dark Water
Yoshimi Matsubara (English version, voice)

2001 Noir (TV Series)
Mireille Bouquet
– Birth (2001) … Mireille Bouquet (English version, voice)
– The Depths of Hell’s Fire (2001) … Mireille Bouquet (English version, voice)
– Dark Return (2001) … Mireille Bouquet (English version, voice)
– Sentiments for the Remaining Flower (2001) … Mireille Bouquet (English version, voice)
– Journey’s End (2001) … Mireille Bouquet (English version, voice)

2001 Angelic Layer (TV Series)
Madoka, Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2001 Najica: Blitz Tactics (TV Series)
Athena (English version, voice)

2001 Shin shirayuki hime densetsu Prétear (TV Series)
Mayune (English version, voice)

2000 Sin: The Movie (Video)
Jennifer “JC” Armack (voice)

2000 Colourful
Reporter Chiho Shimoi, Skirts, Cocktail Party Girl, Windswept Co-ed, Brunette On Train, Drunk Slut, Parade Girl, Goldfish Worker, Blue Jean, ET Chick, Chick On Train, Swim Team, Grand Prize (English version, voice)

2000 Rune Soldier (TV Series)
Melissa (voice)

1999 Steel Angel Kurumi (TV Series)
Dr. Reiko Amagi (English version, voice)

1999 Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Pedestrian Woman B, Mother Hirasaka, School Girl A, House Mother, Answering Machine (English version, voice)

1998 Generator Gawl (TV Series)
Anchor #1 / Anchor #2 (voice)

1998 Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (TV Series)
– The Sword of Baltanders (1998) … Cleao (English version, voice)

1998 Kidô senkan Nadeshiko: Prince of Darkness
Inez Frassange / Lapis Lazuii (English version, voice)

1998 Oh! Sûpâ Miruku-chan (TV Series)
Mother Ant (English version, voice)

1998 Bannô bunka nekomusume TV (TV Series)
Futaba Kaibara
– Nuku Nuku Forever! We Won’t Forget Your Smile! (1998) … Futaba Kaibara (English version, voice)
– Diary of Nuku Nuku’s Youth! All-Purpose Cultural Musical! (1998) … Futaba Kaibara (English version, voice)
– Nuku Nuku in Love! Who Is Her Valentine? (1998) … Futaba Kaibara (English version, voice)
– Nuku Nuku Wanders! A Happy New Year! I Was Dumped! (1998) … Futaba Kaibara (English version, voice)
– Nuku Nuku and Ryunosuke! It Was a Very Alligator Night! (1998) … Futaba Kaibara (English version, voice)

1998 Princess Nine (TV Series)
Mao Daidouji (voice)

1998 Dragon Knight 4-ever (Video)
Marlene (English version, voice)

1996 Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion
Midori Honami (English version, voice)

1996 Elf o karu mono-tachi (TV Series)
Celcia (English) (voice)

1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV Series)
Additional Voices (2004 Director’s Cut) (English version, voice)

1994 Saiyûki (TV Movie)
Yaone (English version, voice)

1992 Bannô bunka nekomusume (Video short)
Young Girl, Ryu’s Teacher, Angry Women, Bunny Girl, Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1989 Megazone 23 III (Video)
Miura Simka (English version, voice)

1986 Knights of the Zodiac (TV Series)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1983 Aura Battler Dunbine (TV Series)
Garalia Nyamhee (English version, voice)