Richard Hatch

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Richard Hatch has enjoyed international recognition for more than three decades. He has starred in such series as The Streets of San Francisco for which he won Germany’s Bravo Award (the equivalent of an Emmy Award), Battlestar Galactica, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe award and the role of Philip Brent, which he originated on ABC’s All My Children. Richard just finished playing the role of Tom Zarek in the new re-imagined version of Battlestar on the Sci-fi channel for the past four years and has just written a BG manga for Tokyopop focusing on his character. His most recent feature “THE POD” was just completed and last Summer and he also played the starring role of a ex- mafia street priest in “DEAD BY FRIDAY”filmed last May. His directing credits include the iconic “Second Coming” BG movie trailer in addition to movie trailers for his forthcoming pet project (Magellan) and was hired to write, produce and direct a NSAS infomercial for the securities industry. He is currently directing a movie presentation for the film “WHITE WINGS” in Logan Utah. His stage credits include starring off-Broadway in several plays and musicals, including the Obie Award winning play “Love me love my children”, PS, Your Cat Is Dead in Chicago, and the musical Pepper Street and “The Name Game” in Los Angeles.

Additional credits include starring in such movies for television as The Hatfields And The McCoys with Jack Palance, Addie And The Kings Of Hearts with Jason Robards, Last Of The Belles with Susan Sarandon, The Class Of ‘65, The Hustler Of Muscle Beach, and the cult classic Deadman’s Curve, in which he portrayed Jan Berry of the musical group ‘Jan and Dean’. He has also guest starred in numerous television series and feature films, including Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen with Michelle Pfeiffer and “The Ghost” with Michael Madsen and Brad Dourif. He just completed filming Inalienable written by Walter Koenig. He can also be heard voice acting on the new Sony Playstation 2 Battlestar Game. In addition Richard has co-written seven Battlestar hardback novels for I-books including his most recent“Redemption”. Richard formed a new production company “Merlinquest Entertainment Inc”, in 19995 for which he has written and produced a new Sci-fi/fantasy story entitled “The Great War of Magellan”, for which both a table top version and online social networking game will debut this Summer. The online MMO is set to debut late next year. A graphic novel version of Magellan is being currently being produced and will make its debut next May. A theatrical trailer for Magellan has just been completed and will be screened at convention worldwide this summer. In between acting and writing gigs Richard teaches and lectures all over the country on “Acting and Directing for The Camera”, “Acting From The Heart” “Overcoming Fear” Unleashing your Power and Creative Vision” and “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Entertainment Industry” The Art, Craft, and Business of the Entertainment Industry, “Learn cutting edge secrets to a successful career in writing, acting, directing and producing”. Please check out or his facebook page for details on Richard’s new project and schedule.


Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses (post-production)
John Alpha

2013 Cowboys & Engines (post-production)
Cade Ballard

2013/I Alien Hunger (post-production)
Mike Gibson

2014 After Hell (TV Series)
– Pilot 01 … Teacher
– Pilot 02 … Teacher

2013 Teens Wanna Know (TV Series)
Guest – Himself
– 1st Annual Geekie Awards with Stan Lee (2013) … Guest – Himself

2012-2013 The Silicon Assassin Project (TV Series)
Silicon Assassin
– Window of Opportunity (2013)
– The Medusa Meeting (2013) … Silicon Assassin
– Dead Reckoning (2013) … Silicon Assassin
– Dead Reckoning (2013) … Silicon Assassin
– The Music Video (2013) … Silicon Assassin

2013 Dead Reckoning (Short)
Silicon Assassin

2012 Mindbender: Tale of a Dark Xmas (Short)

2012 D.N.E.: Do Not Erase (Short)
The Caretaker

2012 Dead by Friday
Father Anthony

2012 Season of Darkness
Dr. Shaker

2011 The Guild (TV Series)
Richard Hatch
– Invite Accepted (2011) … Richard Hatch
– Downturn (2011) … Richard Hatch

2011 Framelines (TV Series) (Himself)
– S1x05 (2011) … (Himself)
– S1x02 (2011) … (Himself)

2011 The Little Match Makers
Officer Candy

2011 B-Sides (TV Series)
– Tonight I’m Frakking You (2011)

2011 Who the Frak (TV Series)
– California Changes (2011) … Richard
– Adventures of Sandiego Comic Con (2011) … Richard
– Derek as Matt? (2011) … Richard

2010 The Hunted (TV Series)
Cochran Sutton
– Starstruck (2010) … Cochran Sutton

2010 War of Heaven

2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica (TV Series)
Tom Zarek
– Blood on the Scales (2009) … Tom Zarek
– The Oath (2009) … Tom Zarek
– A Disquiet Follows My Soul (2009) … Tom Zarek
– Sine Qua Non (2008) … Tom Zarek
– Guess What’s Coming to Dinner (2008) … Tom Zarek

2008 InAlienable
Dr. Eric Norris

2008 Skills for Actors: Weapon Handling Skills (Video)

2005 The Great War of Magellan (Short)

2005 The Rain Makers

2003 Battlestar Galactica (Video Game)
Apollo / Rylo (voice)

2001 Big Shots
Casting Director

2001 Unseen Evil
Dr. Peter Jensen

2001 The Ghost

1999 Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming (Short)
Commander Apollo

1998 Iron Thunder

1996 Second Chance (Video)

1995 Baywatch (TV Series)
– Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 2 (1995) … Tom
– Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 1 (1995) … Tom

1994 Renaissance
Tristan Anderson

1990 Delta Force Commando II: Priority Red One
Delta Force Leader Brett Haskell

1990 Jake and the Fatman (TV Series)
Dr. Richard Davis
– More Than You Know (1990) … Dr. Richard Davis

1990 Mal d’Africa
Tony La Palma

1989 The Hitch-Hikers

1989 Leathernecks

1989 Ghetto Blaster

1988 Dark Bar

1988 Party Line

1988 Last Platoon

1987 Throb (TV Series)
Jake Flathery
– Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 2 (1987) … Jake Flathery
– Last Night at the Fire Station: Part 1 (1987) … Jake Flathery

1983-1987 Hotel (TV Series)
Tom Jordan / Luke Hilliard / Don Walden
– Glass People (1987) … Tom Jordan
– Cry Wolf (1985) … Luke Hilliard
– Blackout (1983) … Don Walden

1986 MacGyver (TV Series)
Michael Talbot
– Three for the Road (1986) … Michael Talbot

1985 Heated Vengeance

1982-1985 The Love Boat (TV Series)
Ian Curly / Tom Whitlaw / Roger Lewis
– Trouble in Paradise/No More Mister Nice Guy/The Mermaid and the Cop (1985) … Ian Curly
– Vicki’s Gentleman Caller/Partners to the End/The Perfect Arrangment (1985) … Tom Whitlaw
– Best of Friends, The/Too Many Dads/Love Will Find a Way (1982) … Roger Lewis

1985 Riptide (TV Series)
Billy Hagan
– Wipe Out (1985) … Billy Hagan

1985 MacGruder and Loud (TV Series)
– For Better or for Worse (1985) … Danny

1984-1985 Dynasty (TV Series)
Dean Caldwell
– Photo Finish (1985) … Dean Caldwell
– Swept Away (1984) … Dean Caldwell
– Krystina (1984) … Dean Caldwell
– Domestic Intrigue (1984) … Dean Caldwell
– The Secret (1984) … Dean Caldwell

1985 T.J. Hooker (TV Series)
Robert Marshall
– Trackdown (1985) … Robert Marshall

1985 Cover Up (TV Series)
Bob Corwin
– The Assassin (1985) … Bob Corwin

1984 Finder of Lost Loves (TV Series)
Robert Westphal
– Echoes (1984) … Robert Westphal

1984 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
Terry Jones
– Deadly Lady (1984) … Terry Jones

1984 Santa Barbara (TV Series)
Steven Slade #1 (1990)

1984 Masquerade (TV Series)
– Flashpoint (1984)

1983 Fantasy Island (TV Series)
– The Big Switch/Hooker’s Holiday (1983)

1983 Prisoners of the Lost Universe

1981 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
Lee Chan, Jr.

1980 Living Legend: The King of Rock and Roll

1980 The Hustler of Muscle Beach (TV Movie)
Nick Demec

1978-1979 Battlestar Galactica (TV Series)
Capt. Apollo
– The Hand of God (1979) … Capt. Apollo
– Take the Celestra (1979) … Capt. Apollo
– Experiment in Terra (1979) … Capt. Apollo
– Baltar’s Escape (1979) … Capt. Apollo
– Greetings from Earth (1979) … Capt. Apollo

1978 Battlestar Galactica
Capt. Apollo

1978 What Really Happened to the Class of ’65? (TV Series)
– Mr. Potential (1978) … Russ

1978 Deadman’s Curve (TV Movie)
Jan Berry

1977 Forever Fernwood (TV Series)
Harmon Farinella

1976-1977 The Streets of San Francisco (TV Series)
Inspector Dan Robbins
– The Canine Collar (1977) … Inspector Dan Robbins
– Time Out (1977) … Inspector Dan Robbins
– Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers (1977) … Inspector Dan Robbins
– Breakup (1977) … Inspector Dan Robbins
– Dead Lift (1977) … Inspector Dan Robbins

1976 Addie and the King of Hearts (TV Movie)
Mr. Davenport

1976 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (TV Series)
Harmon Farinella (1977-1978)

1972-1975 Cannon (TV Series)
Terence Robert Cain / Lyle Barry
– The Star (1975) … Terence Robert Cain
– Sky Above, Death Below (1972) … Lyle Barry (as Richard Lawrence Hatch)

1974-1975 The Waltons (TV Series)
Wade Walton
– The Estrangement (1975) … Wade Walton
– The Conflict (1974) … Wade Walton

1973-1975 Hawaii Five-O (TV Series)
Tommy / Mike / Gar
– The Waterfront Steal (1975) … Tommy
– Study in Rage (1975) … Mike
– The Child Stealers (1973) … Gar (as Richard Lawrence Hatch)

1975 Best Friends

1973-1975 The Rookies (TV Series)
Vic Dorsey / Cleve Andrews
– A Deadly Image (1975) … Vic Dorsey
– Lots of Trees and a Running Stream (1973) … Cleve Andrews

1975 The Hatfields and the McCoys (TV Movie)
Johnse Hatfield

1974 Medical Center (TV Series)
– Three on a Tightrope (1974) … Mark

1974 Nakia (TV Series)
– The Dream (1974)

1974 F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’ (TV Movie)
Bill Knowles

1973 The New Perry Mason (TV Series)
Christopher Baxter
– The Case of the Prodigal Prophet (1973) … Christopher Baxter

1973 Barnaby Jones (TV Series)
Eric Garvin
– Perchance to Kill (1973) … Eric Garvin

1973 Crime Club (TV Movie)
Hugh London

1973 Kung Fu (TV Series)
David Binns
– Sun and Cloud Shadow (1973) … David Binns (as Richard Lawrence Hatch)

1972 The Sixth Sense (TV Series)
Owen Preston
– Gallows in the Wind (1972) … Owen Preston (as Richard Lawrence Hatch)

1972 Room 222 (TV Series)
– The Quitter (1972) … Donnie

1972 Young Dr. Kildare (TV Series)
– The Man Is a Rock (1972) … Derek

1971 All My Children (TV Series)
Philip ‘Phil’ Brent Sr.
– Episode dated 15 March 1971 (1971) … Philip ‘Phil’ Brent Sr.