Ming-Na Wen

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Wen’s first television role was in the children’s television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1985. From 1988 to 1991, she played Lien Hughes on the soap opera As the World Turns.

After starring in the acclaimed 1993 film The Joy Luck Club, she landed the role of Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen on the NBC drama series ER. She first starred in a recurring role during the 1994-1995 season before returning in 1999 as a series regular, remaining on the show until midway through Season 11 in 2004. Wen also played Chun-Li in Street Fighter and co-starred on the sitcom The Single Guy from 1995 to 1997.

She provided the voice for the title character in Disney’s 1998 animated movie Mulan, its direct-to-video sequel, Mulan II, and the video game Kingdom Hearts II, subsequently winning an Annie Award. She also voiced Aki Ross in the computer animated film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and Detective Ellen Yin in the animated series The Batman. She was also the voice actress for Jade, a minor character in the HBO animated series Spawn.

In 2004, she took part in a Hollywood Home Game on the World Poker Tour, and won. In fall 2005, she starred on the NBC drama series Inconceivable as the lead character, Rachel Lu. However, the series was canceled after only two episodes. Her next TV role was an FBI agent in the Fox kidnap drama series Vanished, which premiered in the fall of 2006 then was canceled roughly three months later. She also has played a small role as a college professor in the comedy series George Lopez.

On October 8 through October 29, 2007, Wen (billed as Ming Wen) appeared in a four-episode arc of CBS’ Two and a Half Men playing Charlie Sheen’s love interest, a judge closer to his own age. In November 2008, she guest-starred on two ABC series: Private Practice and Boston Legal. From December 5–6, 2008, Wen starred in a benefit production of the musical Grease with “Stuttering” John Melendez at the Class Act Theatre.

She was cast as a regular in the Stargate Universe television series as political attaché Camile Wray from October 2009 to May 2011. Wen made an appearance in “Disney Through the Decades”, a short documentary about the history of the Walt Disney Company through to the present, as the hostess of the 1990s section.

Wen appeared on the Syfy series Eureka as the inquisitive U.S. Senator Michaela Wen, beginning in Season Four in 2011 and serving as a major villain in the fifth and final season in 2012.

Wen plays Agent Melinda May in the ABC action drama series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which premiered on September 24, 2013.

On August 2014, Wen reprised her role as Mulan for the first time since Mulan II in the Disney Channel show Sofia the First. Her daughter Michaela Zee has a recurring role on the show as Princess Jun.


2016 6 Miranda Drive (completed)

2013-2016 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series)
Melinda May
– Episode #3.22 (2016) … Melinda May
– Episode #3.21 (2016) … Melinda May
– Episode #3.20 (2016) … Melinda May
– Episode #3.19 (2016) … Melinda May
– Episode #3.18 (2016) … Melinda May

2015 Disney Infinity 3.0 (Video Game)
Mulan (voice, as Ming-Na)

2015 Killer App (TV Movie)

2014 Sofia the First (TV Series)
– Princesses to the Rescue! (2014) … Mulan (voice)

2014 April Rain
Hillary Miller

2008-2013 Phineas and Ferb (TV Series)
Dr. Hirano
– Love at First Byte/One Good Turn (2013) … Dr. Hirano (voice)
– Lizard Whisperer/Robot Rodeo (2010) … Dr. Hirano (voice, as Ming Wen)
– Put That Putter Away/Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat? (2008) … Dr. Hirano (voice, as Ming Wen)
– Run Away, Runway/I Scream, You Scream (2008) … Dr. Hirano (voice, as Ming Wen)

2013 Nashville (TV Series)
Calista Reeve
– You Win Again (2013) … Calista Reeve

2013 Habit Heroes – Version 2 (Video short)
Director Jin

2012 Adventure Time (TV Series)
Finn’s Mom
– Finn the Human (2012) … Finn’s Mom (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Jake the Dog (2012) … Finn’s Mom (voice, as Ming-Na)
– The Lich (2012) … Finn’s Mom (voice, as Ming-Na)

2012 Super Cyclone (Video)
Dr. Jenna Sparks (as Ming-Na)

2011-2012 Eureka (TV Series)
U.S. Senator Michaela Wen
– Force Quit (2012) … U.S. Senator Michaela Wen (as Ming-Na)
– The Real Thing (2012) … U.S. Senator Michaela Wen (as Ming-Na)
– One Giant Leap… (2011) … U.S. Senator Michaela Wen (as Ming-Na)
– This One Time at Space Camp… (2011) … U.S. Senator Michaela Wen (as Ming-Na)
– Of Mites and Men (2011) … U.S. Senator Michaela Wen (as Ming-Na)

2009-2011 SGU Stargate Universe (TV Series)
Camile Wray / Camille Wray
– Gauntlet (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
– Blockade (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
– Epilogue (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
– Common Descent (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
– Alliances (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)

2009-2011 SGU Stargate Universe Kino (TV Mini-Series)
Camile Wray
– One Long Endless Night (2011) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
– Kino Race (2009) … Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)

2010 BoyBand
Judy Roberts (as Ming-Na)

2007-2010 Two and a Half Men (TV Series)
Linda Harris / Linda / Judge Linda Harris
– Gumby with a Pokey (2010) … Linda (as Ming-Na)
– Help Daddy Find His Toenail (2007) … Linda Harris (as Ming Wen)
– Putting Swim Fins on a Cat (2007) … Linda Harris (as Ming Wen)
– City of Great Racks (2007) … Linda Harris (as Ming Wen)
– Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo (2007) … Judge Linda Harris (as Ming Wen)

2009 Push
Emily Wu (as Ming-Na)

2008 Defense Grid: The Awakening (Video Game)
General Cai (voice)

2008 Boston Legal (TV Series)
Ming Wang Shu
– Roe (2008) … Ming Wang Shu (as Ming-Na)

2008 Private Practice (TV Series)
Kara Wei
– Let It Go (2008) … Kara Wei (as Ming-Na)

2008/I Prom Night
Dr. Elisha Crowe (as Ming Wen)

2008 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan (TV Series)
Gui Nai Nai
– Kai-lan’s Trip to China … Gui Nai Nai (voice, as Ming-Na)

2007 American Masters (TV Series documentary)
– Novel Reflections: The American Dream (2007) … Narrator (voice, as Ming-Na)

2007 Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (Video Game)
Fa Mulan / Ping (English version, voice, as Ming-Na)

2006 Vanished (TV Series)
Agent Lin Mei
– Warm Springs (2006) … Agent Lin Mei (as Ming-Na)
– The Velocity of Sara (2006) … Agent Lin Mei (as Ming-Na)
– The Proffer (2006) … Agent Lin Mei (as Ming-Na)
– The Cell (2006) … Agent Lin Mei (as Ming-Na)
– The New World (2006) … Agent Lin Mei (as Ming-Na)

2006 George Lopez (TV Series)
Professor Lim
– George Keeps Truant to Himself (2006) … Professor Lim (as Ming-Na)
– George Enrolls Like That (2006) … Professor Lim (as Ming-Na)

2005 Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game)
Mulan (English version, voice, as Ming-Na)

2004-2005 The Batman (TV Series)
Detective Ellen Yin
– Night and the City (2005) … Detective Ellen Yin (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Strange Minds (2005) … Detective Ellen Yin (voice, as Ming-Na)
– JTV (2005) … Detective Ellen Yin (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Meltdown (2005) … Detective Ellen Yin (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Fire and Ice (2005) … Detective Ellen Yin (voice, as Ming-Na)

2005 Robot Chicken (TV Series)
Mary Kate Olsen / Mother
– Kiddie Pool (2005) … Mary Kate Olsen / Mother (voice, as Ming Na)

2005 Inconceivable (TV Series)
Rachel Lu
– Sex, Lies and Sonograms (2005) … Rachel Lu (as Ming-Na)
– To Surrogate, with Love (2005) … Rachel Lu (as Ming-Na)
– Pilot (2005) … Rachel Lu (as Ming-Na)

2005 The World of Mulan (Video short)
Mulan (as Ming-Na)

1995-2004 ER (TV Series)
Dr. Jing-Mei Chen / Deb Chen / Dr. Jing-Mei ‘Deb’ Chen
– Twas the Night (2004) … Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (as Ming-Na)
– Shot in the Dark (2004) … Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (as Ming-Na)
– White Guy, Dark Hair (2004) … Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (as Ming-Na)
– Time of Death (2004) … Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (as Ming-Na, credit only)
– Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy (2004) … Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (as Ming-Na, credit only)

2004 Mulan II (Video)
Mulan (voice, as Ming-Na)

2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)
Li Mei
– Debt (2004) … Li Mei (as Ming-Na)

2004 The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (TV Series)
Peggy Tsu
– The Great Egg Heist/The Feud (2004) … Peggy Tsu (voice, as Ming-Na)

2004 Perfection (Short)
Woman (as Ming-Na)

2002 A Ribbon of Dreams
Mei-Ling (voice, as Ming-Na)

2002 House of Mouse (TV Series)
– Salute to Sports (2002) … Mulan (voice, as Ming-Na)

2002 Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Katy Woo (as Ming-Na)

2002 I Got You (TV Movie) (as Ming-Na)

2001 Aki’s Dream (Video short)
Doctor Aki Ross (voice, as Ming-Na)

2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Doctor Aki Ross (voice, as Ming-Na)

1999 Outreach (TV Series)
Dr. Sara Kwan

1998-1999 Spawn (TV Series)
Lisa Wu / Jade
– Hunter’s Moon (1999) … Jade / Lisa Wu (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Seed of the Hellspawn (1999) … Jade / Lisa Wu (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Twitch Is Down (1999) … Jade / Lisa Wu (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Hellzapoppin (1998) … Lisa Wu (voice, as Ming-Na)
– Deathblow (1998) … Lisa Wu (voice, as Ming-Na)

1998 Mulan Story Studio (Video Game)
Mulan (voice, as Ming-Na)

1998 12 Bucks

1998 Reflections on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skates to the Music of Disney’s ‘Mulan’ (TV Movie)
Fa Mulan / Fa Ping (voice, as Ming-Na)

1998 Mulan
Mulan (voice)

1998 Tempting Fate (TV Movie)
Ellen Moretti

1997 One Night Stand
Mimi Carlyle

1997 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (TV Series)
– Puss in Boots (1997) … Lani (voice)

1995-1997 The Single Guy (TV Series)
– Vegas Finale (1997) … Trudy
– Au Pair (1997) … Trudy (as Ming-Na)
– Johnny Hollywood (1997) … Trudy (as Ming-Na)
– Grandfather Clause (1997) … Trudy (as Ming-Na)
– Big Baby (1997) … Trudy (as Ming-Na)

1995 Street Fighter: The Movie (Video Game)

1994 Terminal Voyage

1994 Street Fighter

1994 Hong Kong 97
Katie Chun

1994 Vanishing Son IV (TV Movie)

1994 All-American Girl (TV Series)
– Redesigning Women (1994) … Amy

1994 Vanishing Son II (TV Movie)

1993 The Joy Luck Club
June – The Daughter

1993 Blind Spot (TV Movie)

1992 Rain Without Thunder
‘Uudie’ Prisoner (as Ming Na Wen)

1985 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (TV Series)
Royal Trumpeter #3
– 1550: Music (1985) … Royal Trumpeter #3
– 1549: Music (1985) … Royal Trumpeter #3

1985 As the World Turns (TV Series)
Lien Hughes #1 (1988-1991)