Mark Torgl

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Mark could be regarded as the consummate Troma Actor, his acting career with Troma includes classic performances in The Toxic Avenger as Melvin the Mopboy “pre Toxie” and an unforgettable performance in “The First Turn On” as Duane! Anyone who knows this movie will squirm remembering Torgl’s un-natural and disturbing dinner manners.  Mark also had a cameo in Toxic Avenger 4 as Evil Melvin.

Mark started working with Troma while a film student at NYU on the crew of The First Turn On.  Crew members are typically called on to play parts in Troma films and he was called on for The First Turn On while working as the Script Supervisor and additional scene writer to play Duane, the rest is history. A year later Lloyd and Michael Herz called Torgl to see if he wanted to play Melvin in The Toxic Avenger.

Toxic Avenger went on to cult status and Torgl moved to Los Angeles to be a film and Television Editor. He currently works at “Entertainment Studios”, Byron Allen’s company editing 2 sitcoms, “The First Family” and “Mr. Box Office”.

This year Torgl did his first ever Monster Convention at “Mad Monster Party” in Charlotte and it was a huge success as hundreds of fans came out just to meet Mark.

While at the con Mark and filmmaker Joe Nardelli also started shooting a Mockumentary ala “Searching for Sugarman” about the mystery behind his unexplained 25 years of absence from acting, and his emergence at Monster Conventions.

Mark then did his 2nd convention several weeks later at Days Of The Dead LA, more mockumentary footage was shot and continues to be a motivation for Mark doing more monster conventions as they are the perfect backdrop for the movie.  Especially, since his monster convention fans are being cast as actors in the doc he is making.

Next stop Comic-Con SanDiego, Mark will be appearing at the Troma booth for one day only July 21st to sign autographs and interview Lloyd Kauffman for the movie.  Mark and Lloyd have never done a convention together so this will be epic.

Sign up on Mark’s website at for access to special release teasers on the making of  the mockumentary “Toxic Tutu” which will be available to view on your favorite mobile device in the months to come. Also see his fan page on Facebook “Toxic Tutu.

Mark is also in the preliminary stages of penning a book “Melvin Speaks”, a humorous auto biography of his experience with the making of The Toxic Avenger!

And lastly there is a campaign on Go there to show how much YOU want Mark to have a Cameo in the upcoming Toxic Avenger Hollywood remake starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Lloyd loves the idea of Mark playing Melvin’s Dad and said he will Talk To the director Steve Pink personally!

Cross your fingers!


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