Laura Summer

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Laura Summer has always been known for her unique voice. Television fans will remember her from the very popular commercial campaign “Now is it Hanes” as the junior Hanes Underwear Inspector. Hundreds of radio and Television spots followed Laura’s first National campaign.
Originally from Queens, New York one of Laura’s favorite animated roles still remains Janine in The Real Ghostbusters. Other animated credits include Channel Umptee-3 and Squishees.
Currently Laura is on the recently Emmy nominated The Garfield Show which records in Los Angeles and airs worldwide. She voices Drusilla and Minerva, obnoxious but loveable twin little girls that love to dress up Garfield the Cat.

Anime fans know her from the series Digimon, Hello Kitty, Super Pig and Flint:The Time Detective and Digimon Adventure: Our War Game. Laura has added her singing voice to many cartoon shows as well as New York & Los Angeles theater. There have also been sitcom television appearances over the years.

Laura is the voice for both Karma and her younger brother L’il Luda on an educational site developed by rapper Ludacris.

Laura has extensive post production experience providing looping (ADR) for countless television shows and movies. Laura provides voices for ABC Family and The Disney Channel including the High School Musical, Halloweentown and Cheetah Girl series.
Laura is excited to be here, answer your questions and meet her many fans!


Lovestruck: The Musical (TV Movie) (voice)

2012 Let It Shine (TV Movie) (voice)

2009 Hatching Pete (TV Movie) (voice)

2009 Dadnapped (TV Movie) (voice)

2009 Bride Wars (voice)

2008 The Garfield Show (TV Series)

2008 Princess (TV Movie) (voice)

2007 Twitches Too (TV Movie) (voice)

2005 Twitches (TV Movie)
Additional Voices (voice, uncredited)

2005 Pizza My Heart (TV Movie) (voice, uncredited)

2005 Life Is Ruff (TV Movie)

2005 I Do, They Don’t (TV Movie) (voice)

2004 Tiger Cruise (TV Movie) (voice)

2003 The Cheetah Girls (TV Movie)
Additional Voices

1999-2003 Digimon: Digital Monsters (TV Series)
Patamon / Tokomon / Additional Voices
– The Bully Pulpit: Part 1 (2003) … Patamon / Additional Voices (voice)
– A Million Points of Light (2001) … Patamon (voice)
– Oikawa’s Shame – Part 2: The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined (2001) … Patamon (voice)
– Black WarGreymon’s Destiny (2001) … Patamon (voice)
– Oikawa’s Shame – Part 1 (2001) … Patamon (voice)

2001 Shallow Hal
Additional voices

2001 The Poof Point (TV Movie)
Spaceship Computer (voice)

2000 The Ultimate Christmas Present (TV Movie) (voice)

2000 Keeping the Faith (voice)

2000 Digimon: The Movie
Patamon (English version, voice)

2000 Hello Kitty (TV Series)
Mimi (voice)

1998 Flint: The Time Detective (TV Series)
Princess Hightower (English version, voice)

1997 Channel Umptee-3 (TV Series)
Additional Voices (1997) (voice)

1995 Dare to Love (TV Movie)
Additional Voices

1995 Brotherly Love (TV Series)
Marie Antoinette
– Witchcraft (1995) … Marie Antoinette

1994-1995 Tonde Buurin (TV Series)
Heather Hogwarsh
– Chô shôjo no mirai (1995) … Heather Hogwarsh (English version, voice)
– Namida no metamorphose (1995) … Heather Hogwarsh (English version, voice)
– Kiki! Nerawareta gakuen (1995) … Heather Hogwarsh (English version, voice)
– Aku no hanazono ga warau toki (1995) … Heather Hogwarsh (English version, voice)
– Kedakaki onna no yakata (1995) … Heather Hogwarsh (English version, voice)

1994 Grace Under Fire (TV Series)
Woman #2
– Good Ol’ Grace (1994) … Woman #2

1994 Beverly Hills Cop III (voice)

1993 Hello Kitty (TV Series)
Mimi (voice)

1990 Problem Child
Additional Voices (voice)

1989 Nobody’s Perfect

1989 She’s Out of Control

1986-1987 The Real Ghost Busters (TV Series)
Janine Melnitz / Helen Schreck / Catherine / …
– Hanging by a Thread (1987) … Janine Melnitz (voice)
– Station Identification (1987) … Janine Melnitz (voice)
– Egon on the Rampage (1987) … Janine Melnitz / Helen Schreck (voice)
– Lights! Camera! Haunting! (1987) … Catherine (voice)
– The Devil in the Deep (1987) … Janine Melnitz (voice)

1987 The Adventure of the Action Hunters
The Wife

1985 New Love, American Style (TV Series)
Comedy Vignettes

1984 Hard to Hold
Fan #1

1984 Night Court (TV Series)
Obsessed Fan
– Harry and the Rock Star (1984) … Obsessed Fan

1983 The Facts of Life (TV Series)
– Graduation: Part 1 (1983) … Emily
– Graduation: Part 2 (1983) … Emily
– Help from Home (1983) … Emily

1982 Girls Nite Out