Jesse Corti

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Jesse Corti – Hails from New York. He is a graduate of William Paterson University,
where is served as Student Affairs Editor for the University Paper “The Beacon”. Currently voicing The graphic novel Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D 2013 directed by Zebediah Soto. He was associate producer on the crime thriller feature “Stiletto” with Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, Diane Venora, Stana Katic, Kelly Hu and Tom Sizemore. Some of his other film credits include, All In, The Incredible Hulk, Bringing Down the House, Gone in 60 Seconds, Love and Basketball, Revenge, and Beauty and the Beast. In film he has worked opposite Kevin Costner, Sophia Loren, Nicolas Cage, Betty White, Ben Cross, Sally Kirkland and Paul Sorvino. Some of his television credits include three years as cast member on Comedy Central as the “character voices” for David Spade’s ShowbizShow. Mr. Corti has guest starred in Desperate Housewives, CSI, 24, Heroes, Shark, The Shield, West Wing, Law & Order, Jag, Judging Amy, Providence, Crossing Jordan, RHD, Walker Texas Ranger, Just Shoot Me, Boy Meets World, and The Michael Richards Show. He is an original cast member of the Broadway Musical hit, “Les Miserables”. He also played Judas in the National and World Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. In his 35 years of working in professional theatre as both actor and director, he’s had the privilege of working with and being mentored by: Joseph Papp, Founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival / Public Theatre, Trevor Nunn (Royal Shakespeare Company), John Caird (RSC), Maria Irenes Fornes (Broadway), Elizabeth Swados (NYSF/NY Public Theatre, Broadway), Julie Taymor (NYSF/NY Public Theatre, Broadway), and Patricia Birch (Broadway).
He is the recipient of the 1990 Clio Award for his work on the Drug Free America commercial “Jesse Corti” named after him.

He was the voice of LeFou in Walt Disney’s animation feature film Beauty and the Beast. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.
His voice over characterizations is heard worldwide. Currently he is voicing the Dignitary in Walt Disney’s “Frozen” Coming in Nov 2013 Mr Corti has lent his voice to some of the top video games in the industry – Metal Gear Solid, SOCOM, Uncharted, Lost Planet, Resident Evil and Lost Odyssey to name a few, and most recently Call of Juares: The Cartel. Most recently Mr Corti can be heard on the new animated TV series on Nicktoons, NFL RUSH ZONE as the robot voice of “Drop Kick” Some of his other animated work include Handy Manny, Batman, Little Mermaid, Bonkers, Rugrats, Dark Wing Duck, Super Dave, Carmen San Diego, Tom & Jerry, Flintstones, Bruce Willis’s “Bruno”, Gargoyles, Rimba’s Island, Storm Troopers and Evil con Carne. He voiced all the singing for Charlie Sheen in All Dogs go to Heaven 2, and recorded the duet love ballad with platinum recording artist Sheena Easton.
Mr. Corti has performed on the Tony Awards, and at the White House on two different occasions He has recorded on Tony, Oscar, and Grammy winning albums including Michael Jackson’s History album. Total of 14 albums. He is also a frequent National Anthem singer at the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodger games.


Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D (post-production) (voice)

2012-2013 NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians (TV Series)
Drop Kick / Don Cervantes / Guard 1 / …
– There’s Snow Place Like Home (2013) … Drop Kick (voice)
– Bands and Blitz Botz (2013) … Drop Kick (voice)
– Test of Friendship (2013) … Drop Kick (voice)
– Mystery Solved (2013) … Drop Kick (voice)
– The Mystery Guardian: Part 2 (2013) … Drop Kick / Don Cervantes (voice)

2013 Annie Sunbeam and Friends (TV Series)
– Introduction (2013) … Ricardo

2013 BioShock Infinite (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2007-2012 Handy Manny (TV Series)
Ticks / Renaldo / Francisco
– Hank’s Birthday (2012) … Ticks (voice)
– Squeeze’s Day Off/Renaldo’s Pretzel Castle (2007) … Renaldo (voice)
– Skateboard Park/Cowboy Manny (2007) … Francisco (voice)

2012 Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – The Egg of the King
Julius (English version, voice)

2011 Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Video Game)
Columbian Citizens / Columbian Walla (voice)

2011 Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Video Game)
Alvarez (voice)

2011 Law & Order: LA (TV Series)
Victor Aguilar
– Westwood (2011) … Victor Aguilar

2010 Lost Planet² (Video Game)
Vagabundo (voice)

2010 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Video Game)
Soldiers (voice)

2010 The Ballad of Mary & Ernie (TV Series)
Angry Townsperson / Blad Bart
– Do You Mind Just Shooting These People? (2010) … Angry Townsperson (voice)
– I Got a Kidney Bigger Than You (2010) … Blad Bart

2008 Mia and the Migoo
Pedro / Wilford (voice)

2008/II Stiletto
Hector Molinas

2007 Lost Odyssey (Video Game)
Gongora (English version, voice)

2007 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Video Game)
Mercenaries #4 (voice)

2007 A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper
Studio Gate Guard

2007 The Shield (TV Series)
Galindo / Sr.
– The Math of the Wrath (2007) … Galindo / Sr.

2007 Heroes (TV Series)
LAPD Police Captain Knox
– Chapter Thirteen ‘The Fix’ (2007) … LAPD Police Captain Knox

2007 The Shield (Video Game)
Galindo – Sr

2006 Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (Video Game)
DCI (English version, voice)

2006 Shark (TV Series)
Jim Ellis
– Fashion Police (2006) … Jim Ellis

2006 Just Cause (Video Game)
Caramona (voice)

2006 Desperate Housewives (TV Series)
Social Worker
– It Wasn’t Meant to Happen (2006) … Social Worker

2006 All In

2006 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (Video Game) (voice, as Jessie Corti)

2006 The Visitation
Catholic Priest

2005 Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (Video Game)
Commander (English version, voice)

2005 Socom U.S. Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo (Video Game)
Additional Chile AO Voices (voice)

2005 The Batman (TV Series)
Chief Angel Rojas
– Night and the City (2005) … Chief Angel Rojas (voice)
– Strange Minds (2005) … Chief Angel Rojas (voice)
– Fire and Ice (2005) … Chief Angel Rojas (voice)
– Riddled (2005) … Chief Angel Rojas (voice)
– Clayface of Tragedy (2005) … Chief Angel Rojas (voice)

2005 Choker
Interviewer / Mr. Carter

2005 Resident Evil 4 (Video Game)
Bitores Mendez (English version, voice)

2004 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Video Game)
Commander (English version, voice)

2004 Crossing Jordan (TV Series)
Det. Al Morris
– Slam Dunk (2004) … Det. Al Morris

2003 Evil Con Carne (TV Series)
Cod Commando / Boskov The Bear (segment “Evil Con Carne”)
– Evil con carne/Emotional Skarr/Evil goes wild (2003) … Cod Commando / Boskov The Bear (segment “Evil Con Carne”) (voice)

2003 Hulk

2003 Robbery Homicide Division (TV Series)
FBI Agent Fonseca
– Vamonos Chica (2003) … FBI Agent Fonseca

2003 Bringing Down the House
Italian FBI Agent

2003 Kids’ Ten Commandments: A Life and Seth Situation (Video short)
Jacob / Ugee (voice)

2003 Kids’ Ten Commandments: The Not So Golden Calf (Video short)
Jacob (voice)

2002 Providence (TV Series)
Lt. Morris
– The Eleventh Hour (2002) … Lt. Morris

2002 CSI: Miami (TV Series)
Dean of Students
– A Horrible Mind (2002) … Dean of Students

2002 Judging Amy (TV Series)
Lt. Daniels
– A Pretty Good Day (2002) … Lt. Daniels

2002 As Told by Ginger (TV Series)
Dr. Juan / Running Doctor
– Mommie Nearest (2002) … Dr. Juan / Running Doctor

2002 24 (TV Series)
Charles McLemore
– 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. (2002) … Charles McLemore

2001 Max Steel (TV Series)
– Swashbucklers … (voice)

2000 The Christmas Lamb (TV Movie) (voice)

2000 The West Wing (TV Series)
Dave Stewart
– The Midterms (2000) … Dave Stewart

2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds
Cop – At Quality Café

2000 Boy Meets World (TV Series)
– Brotherly Shove (2000) … Man

2000 JAG (TV Series)
Master Sgt. Manny O’Bregon
– People v. Gunny (2000) … Master Sgt. Manny O’Bregon

2000 Love & Basketball
Coach Parra

2000 Evil Con Carne (TV Short)

2000 Last Mistake (Short)

1999 The Angry Beavers (TV Series)
El Supermuerto / Police Captain / Referee
– Noberto y Daggetto en ‘El grapadura y el castor malo’/The Loogie Hawk (1999) … El Supermuerto / Police Captain / Referee (voice)

1998 Men in Black: The Series (TV Series)
– The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome (1998)

1998 The Wild Thornberrys (TV Series)
Crocodile #1 / Crocodile #3
– Only Child (1998) … Crocodile #1 / Crocodile #3 (voice)

1998 Godzilla: The Series (TV Series)
– The Ballard of Gens Du Marais

1997 Team Knight Rider (TV Series)
– Choctaw L-9 (1997) … Maddox

1997 Rugrats (TV Series)
Serenader / Reptar / Knight
– The Matress/Looking for Jack (1997) … Serenader (voice)
– Faire Play/The Smell of Success (1997) … Reptar / Knight (voice)

1997 The Undercover Kid
Raven (voice)

1997 The Corporate Ladder
Armand Kristopolous

1997 Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series)
Drug Dealer #2
– Last Hope (1997) … Drug Dealer #2

1996 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (TV Series)
Stan, Doctor
– Baby It’s You/Monsters Are Fun (1996) … Stan, Doctor

1996 All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
Charlie Barkin (singing voice, uncredited)

1996 Gargoyles (TV Series)
– The Green (1996) … Jade (voice)

1996 Bird in a Window (Short)
Chinese Man / Red (voice)

1995 In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King
Man On Cross

1994 A Brilliant Disguise
Maitre D’

1990-1993 Law & Order (TV Series)
Alex Nunez / Angel Suarez
– The Pursuit of Happiness (1993) … Alex Nunez
– The Reaper’s Helper (1990) … Angel Suarez

1993 Bonkers (TV Series)
– Color Me Piquel (1993) … (voice)
– In the Bag (1993) … (voice)
– Going Bonkers (1993) … (voice)

1993 Roosters (voice)

1993 Tom & Jerry Kids Show (TV Series)
– Penthouse Mouse/Twelve Angry Sheep/The Ant Attack (1993)

1992 The Little Mermaid (TV Series)
– The Evil Manta (1992) … (voice)

1992 Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire (TV Series)
Additional Voices (1992) (voice)

1991 Beauty and the Beast
Lefou (voice)

1990/I Revenge

1990 Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse (Video short)
Fireman Emilio

1989 High Stakes

1989 Nightlife (TV Movie)

1989 Men (TV Series)
Jesse Tanton
– Baltimore (1989) … Jesse Tanton

1987 Heart
Herman’s Trainer

1987 Kate & Allie (TV Series)
– Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1987) … Charles

1987 Florida Straits (TV Movie)

1986 Courage (TV Movie)

1968 One Life to Live (TV Series)
Julio (1991)