Jeff Nimoy

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Emmy Award winner Jeff Nimoy adapted, voice directed, and served as story editor for the top rated Fox Kids show Digimon: Digital Monsters (he also voiced many characters, including Tentomon). He also adapted and voice directed the theatrically released 20th Century Fox animated feature Digimon: The Movie, and the television sequel, Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon for Disney. He served as executive producer and writer on numerous other Fox Kids shows as well. But the anime community also knows him as the voice for the popular character Wolfwood, from the hit cult series Trigun.

Prior to that he was nominated for three Emmy awards in four years, winning once for his comedic work as a writer/producer/voice director for NFL Films Presents on ESPN and Fox. He also wrote the Showtime family movie Big Brother Trouble, and the animated feature, Pecola, based on the Cartoon Network series. In addition, he adapted scripts and/or voice directed several popular Cartoon Network series including Naruto, Bleach, Zatch Bell, and Bo-bobo; the animated series Mega Man for KIDS WB; Digimon Data Squad and Robodz, for Disney XD; and “STITCH!” (the new adventures of Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch”) for DISNEY CHANNEL.

In 2013 Jeff produced and directed a web video for starring Billy Crystal, to promote Billy’s autobiography, “Still Foolin’ ‘Em.” In 2014 Jeff produced a series of TV and web commercials for Walmart’s “Holiday Hub” campaign, starring Anthony Anderson and Melissa Joan Hart. During this time he also developed a sitcom he created for Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video and MTV.

In 2013 Jeff also produced, wrote, and directed original content for many websites owned by SpinMedia (formally BuzzMedia), including,,,, and He has worked with such major brands as Google, Miracle Whip, Smirnoff Ice, and Hanes. He also voice directed the American version of Tree Fu Tom, the kids’ series for NBC and Freemantle. And in 2014, he voice directed the American version of Chavo, the ultra-popular Spanish language animated series.

Jeff is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.


2012 Scary or Die
Radio Host

2006-2008 Digimon Data Squad (TV Series)
Kamemon / Dr. Spencer Damon / Punimon / …
– Justice Equals Power (2008) … Dr. Spencer Damon / Punimon / Nyaromon (English version, voice)
– Thomas Bursts on the Scene! (2008) … Kamemon / Gawappamon / Shawjamon (English version, voice)
– Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami! (2008) … Deputymon / Ninjamon #1 (English version, voice)
– The Digimon Army Makes Its Move! (2008) … Agent #2 / Boarmon / Pteramon (English version, voice)
– The Return of Thomas (2007) … Kamemon / Slacker #2 (voice)

2008 Bleach (TV Series)
Kasumioji Clan Guard #2 / Kasumioji Clan Member
– The Princess’ Decision, the Sorrowful Bride (2008) … Kasumioji Clan Guard #2 (English version, voice)
– Break the Mirror’s Boundary! Ichigo’s Captivity (2008) … Kasumioji Clan Member (English version, voice)

2007-2008 Blue Dragon (TV Series)
Gran Kingdom Soldier / Castle Des La Testa Commander / Gran Kingdom Soldier #1
– Rôzen kuroitsu (2008) … Gran Kingdom Soldier (English version, voice)
– Saigo no tatakai (2007) … Castle Des La Testa Commander (English version, voice)
– Hisohiso no dokkan (2007) … Gran Kingdom Soldier (English version, voice)
– Giriamu futatabi (2007) … Gran Kingdom Soldier (English version, voice)
– Pantsu ôkoku (2007) … Gran Kingdom Soldier #1 (English version, voice)

2006 Digimon World Data Squad (Video Game)
Kamemon / Gwappamon / Shawjamon / … (English version, voice)

2006 The Enigma with a Stigma
Brian Co-Worker

2005 Zatch Bell! (TV Series)
Mr. Goldo / Bug-Catching Student
– Danny Boy (2005) … Mr. Goldo (English version, voice)
– Kio’s Curry Camping Trip (2005) … Bug-Catching Student (English version, voice)

2004 Viewtiful Joe (TV Series)
– What’s His Name to the Rescue! … Joe (voice)

2003 Kyôgoku Natsuhiko kôsetsu hyakumonogatari (TV Series)
Hyogo / Kijirou Hamada
– Marine Spirits (2003) … Hyogo (English version, voice)
– Field Gun (2003) … Kijirou Hamada (English version, voice)

2002 Naruto (TV Series)
– Eiyuu no ita kuni (2002) … Villager (English version, voice)

2002 Cyborg 009 (TV Series)
Black Ghost Aide
– Final Fight (2002) … Black Ghost Aide (English version, voice)

2001 Rave Master (TV Series)
L’Tiangle, Julius Rhozen (English version, voice)

1999-2001 Digimon: Digital Monsters (TV Series)
Tentomon / Kabuterimon / MegaKabuterimon / …
– Digimon World Tour – Part 1 (2001) … Tentomon / Kabuterimon / MegaKabuterimon / … (voice)
– Dramon Power (2001) … Tentomon / Gennai / Cameraman (voice)
– A Very Digi Christmas (2001) … Tentomon / Kabuterimon (voice)
– The Darkness Before Dawn (2000) … Tentomon (voice)
– An Old Enemy Returns (2000) … Tentomon (voice)

2001 Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon
Gabumon / Omnimon / Hawkmon / … (English version, voice)

2000 Big Brother Trouble
Blind Man

2000 Digimon: The Movie
Truck Driver 1 / Tentomon / Phone Voice 1 / … (voice)

1999 Sol Bianca: The Legacy
Auctioneer (English version, voice)

1999 Kuro no tenshi Vol. 2
Toyo (English version, voice)

1998 Trigun (TV Series)
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
– Alternative (1998) … Nicholas D. Wolfwood (English version, voice)
– Under the Sky So Blue (1998) … Nicholas D. Wolfwood (voice)
– Sin (1998) … Nicholas D. Wolfwood (English version, voice)
– Paradise (1998) … Nicholas D. Wolfwood (English version, voice)
– Out of Time (1998) … Nicholas D. Wolfwood (English version, voice)

1998 Outlaw Star (TV Series)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1997 Chimp Lips Theater (TV Movie) (voice)

1996 Kidô senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS shôtai (TV Series) (voice)

1994-1995 Mutant League (TV Series)
Razor Kidd / Razor Kid
– Strike (1995) … Razor Kidd
– Opening Kick-Off (1994) … Razor Kid

1990 Funny About Love

1984 Hokuto no Ken (TV Series)
– Rip into the Nerve Cells! No Requiem for the Bad Guys (1984) … Johnny (voice)
– Villains! Countdown to death (1984) … Johnny (voice)

1981 Kidô senshi Gandamu II: Ai senshihen
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1981 Kidô senshi Gandamu
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

1979 The Castle of Cagliostro
Archbishop’s Driver (Manga Video dub) / Italian Delegate (Manga Video dub) / Restaurant Patron (Manga Video dub) (English version, voice)