George Lowe

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The 13th will be 38 years I’ve been doing this…
Anyway, I know I’m supposed to be working on this so here we go.
Started my career in radio in 1974 while still in High School…the students all had an instant pipeline for any requests. Even then I was known for breaking rules by inserting fake commercials in pre-recorded programming. I’d get a call from management and explain, “oh, that’s part of Casey Kasem”. Small town radio was a blast and I moved from there to WUSF in Tampa while in college…first the FM station then television. The station is beautiful now but when I was there we had the old steam powered video playback systems and someone always had to be fueling the boilers! Very exciting. From college it was on to WTOG where I did news for what seemed like an eternity but turned out to be six months. Thankfully PM Magazine hired me and it was off to do something more in keeping with my personality; a series of short features called George’s Corner where I took wacky road trips and showed people how to have a cheap date (the gorgeous lady I took on the cheap date looked like Valerie Perrine and was ready to throw me off a bridge for making her do this stupid bit).
Bouncing around Tampa radio took up the next few years from Q-105 to Magic 96 then it was off to Lakeland, Florida to help a start-up television station get off the ground. V-32 and I said our goodbyes a little over one year into things but it was fun while it lasted. The show was totally ad-libbed and live with the latest in ‘groovy’ music videos to keep the kids happy. We even had a totally bored and hysterical “stuck working Christmas day” simul-cast with my old friends at 96 Rock in St. Petersburg, where we voiced our instructions live to each other as to what was coming up next and did we have the video to match. Big fun.
Off to Atlanta in August of 1988 to take a morning show there from worst to first, which I did. Space Ghost came along in 1993 after a stint doing promos at TBS, TNT and Turner Home Entertainment (which I think is now making waffles)…but the others are all good. The show ended in 2004 but always will have a special place in my heart. Three years ago I returned to my Florida studio to be close to my Mom who endured the gypsy years (no, I don’t dance) and do my work from my home studio. We’re still producing commercials and voicing television and radio out of the house along with network voice work for the hit FX show The League now in its 4th season.
I still produce my art which is in several major museum collections including the High Museum in Atlanta, The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, The Georgia Museum, The Foundation for the Advancement of Self-Taught Art and a promised gift to the American Museum of Folk Art, NYC. I am represented by Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta and Tanner Hill Gallery in Chattanooga.
I have been a part of 9 EMMY wins in Dallas and Atlanta, 2 PROMAX awards, 3 ADDY awards, 3 AIR awards plus write-ups in The New York Times, USA Today, Electronic Media, TV Guide, Southern Living Magazine, Sci-Fi Universe, Raw Vision Magazine and listed in Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art: A guide to American Artists, Locations and Resources by Betty-Carol Sellen and Cynthia J. Johanson. In 1989 I was made an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Aide De Camp, Governor’s Staff by former Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris. In 1990 I was named an Outstanding Georgia Citizen by then Secretary of State Max Cleland.


Robot Chicken (TV Series)
Unicorn / Tron / Horton / …
– Butchered in Burbank (2012) … Unicorn / Tron / Horton (voice)
– Fight Club Paradise (2012) … Unicorn / Mr. Big (voice)
– Robot Chicken’s DP Christmas Special (2010) … Billy’s Father (voice)
– Adultizzle Swizzle (2008) … Rodgers (voice)
– Robot Chicken’s Half-Assed Christmas Special (2007) … Unicorn / Husband (voice)

2002-2012 Aqua Teen Hunger Force (TV Series)
Cop / Jet Chicken / Narrator / …
– Rocket Horse & Jet Chicken (2012) … Jet Chicken (voice)
– Freedom Cobra (2011) … Narrator (voice)
– Allen: Part Two (2011) … George (voice)
– Allen: Part One (2011) … (voice)
– Rubberman (2010) … Cop (voice)

2011 The B.S. of A. with Brian Sack (TV Series)
Various (voice)

2011 Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (Video Game)
Announcer (voice)

2008 Assy McGee (TV Series)
Doctor / Coroner
– The Ballad of Blind Anthony (2008) … Doctor (voice)
– Hands Up (2008) … Doctor (voice)
– Ring of Fire (2008) … Coroner (voice)

2007 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
Space Ghost (voice)

2004-2007 Perfect Hair Forever (TV Series)
Space Ghost
– Return to Balding Victory (2007) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Cat Snatch Fever (2005) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Tusk (2005) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Woke Up Drunk (2004) … Space Ghost (voice)
– TiVo Your EBay (2004) … Space Ghost (voice)

2004 Anime Talk Show (TV Short)
Space Ghost (voice, uncredited)

1993-2004 Space Ghost Coast to Coast (TV Series)
Space Ghost / Tad Ghostal / Announcer
– Live at the Fillmore (2004) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Dreams (2004) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Idlewild South (2003) … Space Ghost (voice)
– In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (2003) … Space Ghost (voice)
– Eat a Peach (2003) … Space Ghost (voice)

2000-2003 The Brak Show (TV Series)
Dad / Space Ghost / Announcer / …
– Cardburkey (2003) … Dad (voice)
– All That I Desire You (2003) … Dad (voice)
– Sexy New Brak Show Go (2003)
– Splat (2003) … Dad (voice)
– Shadows of Heat (2003) … Dad (voice)

2001 Sealab 2021 (TV Series)
– All That Jazz (2001) … Dick

1999-2000 Celebrity Deathmatch (TV Series)
Steven Spielberg / Willard Scott / Gene Simmons
– Battle of the Greatest Directors (2000) … Steven Spielberg (voice)
– The New Employee (2000) … Willard Scott (voice)
– Halloween Episode I (1999) … Gene Simmons (voice)

1995 Cartoon Planet (TV Series)
Tad Eustice ‘Space Ghost’ Ghostal (voice)
Hide HideProducer (1 credit)

1994-2004 Space Ghost Coast to Coast (TV Series) (co-executive producer – 79 episodes)
– Dreams (2004) … (co-executive producer)
– Idlewild South (2003) … (co-executive producer)
– In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (2003) … (co-executive producer)
– Eat a Peach (2003) … (co-executive producer)
– Whipping Post (2003) … (co-executive producer)