Eliza Jane Schneider

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Eliza Jane Schneider is an actor, playwright, songstress, dialectologist, and fiddler. She is most widely known for voicing most of the female characters on Comedy Central’s SOUTH PARK, including Wendy, Shelly, Principal Victoria, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Cartman, Mrs. McCormick, Ms. Crabtree, and the Mayor. Her one-woman, 34-character show, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, directed by Sal Romeo, won the “Best Solo Show” award at the New York International Fringe Festival, then ran Off-Broadway at P.S. 122, and was ultimately moved to Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater. MOXIE Theatre in San Diego produced a run of the show in 2013, directed by Delicia Turner-Sonnenberg, and that production has been nominated for a Craig Noel Award. On camera, Eliza Jane guest starred on UPN’s GIRLFRIENDS as a white girl surprisingly fluent in “Ebonics,” and she was profiled on the International BRAVO! Network’s “Arts & Minds” program for her research. She is also known in over 60 countries as series regular “Liza,” on CBS’ BEAKMAN’S WORLD, and less known as “Sheila” on CBS’s THE AMAZING LIVE SEA MONKEYS with Howie Mandel. Her gaming fans know her as Rebecca Crane in the ASSASSIN’S CREED game franchise, Elizabeth Swann in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and Arwen and Eowyn in the LORD OF THE RINGS games. She has voiced dozens of other characters and creatures for the gaming world, from Scottish trolls to Jamaican dragons. She specializes in voice matching, and recently worked ADR with Oliver Stone on the role of “Ophelia” for his film SAVAGES. For MTV, she voiced animated versions of Oprah Winfrey, Tori Spelling, Beyonce, Giselle Bundchen, Michelle Obama, a Cyborg Brittany Spears, and a Ugandan adoption agent who wouldn’t give Angelina Jolie a baby (among others), on Dave Thomas’s POPZILLA! As a dialect coach, she recently worked with Chinese actor Jim Lau to sound Thai for HANGOVER 3, and regularly helps kid actors sound like real live starving Ethiopians, Cambodians, and Haitians for charity.


The LEGO Movie Videogame (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2013 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Video Game)
Rebecca Crane (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2013 Saints Row IV (Video Game)
The Voices of Virtual Steelport (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2013 The Last of Us (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice, as EJ Schneider)

2013 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Video Game)
Miss Decibel (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2012 Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Video Game) (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2012 Assassin’s Creed III (Video Game)
Rebecca Crane (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2012 Diablo III (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2012 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Video Game)
Maid of Windemere (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2011 Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2011 Saints Row: The Third (Video Game) (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2011 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Video Game)
Rebecca Crane (voice)

2011 Batman: The Brave and the Bold (TV Series)
Baroness von Gunther / Georgette Taylor
– The Scorn of the Star Sapphire! (2011) … Baroness von Gunther / Georgette Taylor (voice)

2011 Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Video Game)
Various characters (voice)

2011 Captain America: Super Soldier (Video Game)
HYDRA (voice)

2011 Cars 2: The Video Game (Video Game) (voice)

2011 The Cleveland Show (TV Series)
Ewok Nerd
– Hot Cocoa Bang Bang (2011) … Ewok Nerd (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2011 You and I
Female-voice English Instructor (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2010 Epic Mickey (Video Game) (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2010 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Video Game)
Rebecca Crane (voice)

2010 Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game)
Sorrows females – Honest Hearts (voice)

2010 Blade Kitten (Video Game)
Justice Kreel / Terra-Gin / Squamatan Female 1 (voice)

2010 The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (Video Game)
Eowyn (voice)

2010 Alice in Wonderland (Video Game)
The Talking Flowers (voice)

2009 The Saboteur (Video Game) (voice)

2009 Assassin’s Creed II (Video Game)
Rebecca Crane (voice)

2009 Dragon Age: Origins (Video Game)
Iona / Lady Dace / Mardy / … (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2009 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (Video Game)
Valkyrie #2 (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2009 Popzilla (TV Series)
Various (voice)

2009 Shadow Complex (Video Game)
Claire Duncan (English version, voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2008 Unspeakable (Documentary)

2007 Pirates of the Caribbean Online (Video Game)
Elizabeth Swann (voice)

2007 Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer (Video Game)
NPC (Female Teen) / NPC (Female Gnome) / Lienna (voice)

2007 Squirrel Boy (TV Series)
– Diss and Make Up/Be Careful What You Fish For (2007) … Martha (voice)

2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Video Game)
Elizabeth Swann (voice)

2007 Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (Video Game)
Elizabeth Swann (English version, voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2007 Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (Video Game) (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2006 Invader ZIM (TV Series)
– The Girl Who Cried Gnome/Dibship Rising (2006) … Moofy (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow (Video Game)
Elizabeth Swann (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2005 Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game)
Elizabeth Swann (English version, voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2004 EverQuest II (Video Game)
Generic Female Barbarian Merchant / Generic Female Dark Elf Merchant / Generic Female Dwarf Merchant (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2004 The Bard’s Tale (Video Game) (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

1999-2003 South Park (TV Series)
Liane Cartman / Sharon Marsh / Principal Victoria / …
– It’s Christmas in Canada (2003) … Mayor McDaniels / Liane Cartman (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)
– Raisins (2003) … Wendy Testaburger / Mercedes / Porsche / … (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)
– Butt Out (2003) … Principal Victoria / Sharon Marsh / Liane Cartman / … (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)
– All About Mormons (2003) … Mrs. Harrison / Jenny Harrison / 1800’s Woman #2 / … (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)
– Grey Dawn (2003) … Sharon Marsh / Larry’s Wife (voice, as Eliza Jane Schneider)

2002 3-South (TV Series)
Various (voice)

2002 King of the Hill (TV Series)
– I’m with Cupid (2002) … Charisse (voice)

2002 Girlfriends (TV Series)
Tanya Searcy
– Sister, Sistah (2002) … Tanya Searcy

2001 Spy TV (TV Series)
– Episode #1.2 (2001) … Various

2000 Boyer Brothers (TV Movie)

1999 How to Get Laid at the End of the World
All the Girlfriends

1997 Johnny Bravo (TV Series)
– Going Batty/Berry the Butler/Red Faced in the White House (1997) … Lola (voice)

1993-1995 Beakman’s World (TV Series)
– Snow, Beakmania & Natural Selection (1995) … Liza
– Steel, Beakmania & Developing Film (1995) … Liza
– The Sun, Beakmania & Metamorphosis (1995) … Liza
– Balance, Beakmania & Camouflage (1995) … Liza
– Carbon, Beakmania & Inventions (1995) … Liza

1992 The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys (TV Series)
Show Show