Bryce Papenbrook

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Bryce Papenbrook has been a professional voice over artist since the age of eight. He was introduced to the voice acting scene by his father, Bob Papenbrook, and has continued the trade in his footsteps.

Bryce has performed in numerous video games, cartoons, and television shows. Some recent roles include Eren in Attack on Titan, Kirito in Sword Art Online & Sword Art Online II, Shirou Emiya in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist, Chooki & Lydendor in Tenkai Knights, Red in Pokémon Origins, Machina Kunagiri in Final Fantasy Type-0, Masaomi Kida in Durarara!! & Durarara!! X2, Theodore in Persona Q, Makoto Naegi in DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc & DanganRonpa: The Animation, Nagito Komaeda in Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Staz Charlie Blood in Blood Lad, Adrien aka Cat Noir in Miraculous Ladybug, Clay Sizemore in Soul Eater Not!, Calm Craftman in Aldnoah.Zero, Kaname Isaki in A Lull in the Sea, Numerous roles in Call of Duty : Ghosts, Tiz Arrior in Bravely Default, Adol Christin in Ys: Memories of Celceta, Inky in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Game, Black Ranger in the Power Rangers Megaforce Game, Sultan in Disney Princess Palace Pets, Lest in Rune Factory 4, Henry in Fire Emblem Awakening, Issachar in Shin Megami Tensei IV, Asbel Lhant in Tales of Graces F, Zidane Tribal in Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, and Guan Ping in Dynasty Warriors. Past leading roles include Shugo in .hack//Sign Legend of the Twilight, Jack in MAR, Jack Russell in Radiata Stories, Hanabusa Aido in Vampire Knight, and Isami Fujiwara in Noein.

You can follow Bryce on Facebook at, @BrycePapenbrook on Twitter, and @BrycePapenbrook on Instagram!


Zebra #1 (voice)

2013 Saints Row IV (Video Game)
The Voices of Virtual Steelport (voice)

2013 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital (TV Series)
Kappa (2013)

2012 Sword Art Online (TV Series)
– Sekai no Shushi (2012) … Kirito (English version, voice)
– Plated Hero (2012) … Kirito (English version, voice)
– Bonds (2012) … Kirito (English version, voice)
– Grand Quest (2012) … Kirito (English version, voice)
– The Truth About ALfheim (2012) … Kirito (English version, voice)

2012 Tales of Graces f (Video Game)
Asbel Lhant (English version, voice)

2011 Saints Row 3 (Video Game) (voice)

2011 Blade (TV Series)
Edgar Frost
– To the Vortex of Sorrows (2011) … Edgar Frost (English version, voice)

2011 Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy (Video Game)
Zidane Tribal (English version, voice)

2010 Gods Eater Burst (Video Game) (voice)

2010 Lost Planet² (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2009 Shin sangoku musou: Multi Raid (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2008 Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Video Game)
Zidane Tribal (English version, voice)

2008 Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods (Video Game)

2008 Warriors Orochi 2 (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Dynasty Warriors 6 (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2007 Warriors Orochi (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2006 Kekkaishi (TV Series)
Hiromu Tabata
– The Best Cake in the World (2006) … Hiromu Tabata (English version, voice, uncredited)
– Blooms of Karasumori (2006) … Hiromu Tabata (English version, voice, uncredited)
– The Sweet Ghost (2006) … Hiromu Tabata (English version, voice, uncredited)
– Yoshimori and Tokine (2006) … Hiromu Tabata (English version, voice)

2005-2006 Noein: Mô hitori no kimi he (TV Series)
Isami Fujiwara
– Hajimari (2006) … Isami Fujiwara (English version, voice)
– Owari (2006) … Isami Fujiwara (English version, voice)
– Mirai he… (2006) … Isami Fujiwara (English version, voice)
– Maboroshi (2006) … Isami Fujiwara (English version, voice)
– Môichido… (2006) … Isami Fujiwara (English version, voice)

2006 Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 MÄR: Märchen Awakens Romance (TV Series)
– Watashi, make nai yo! Kazan gun no sunou!! (2005) … Jack (English version, voice)
– Otoko o miseru ze Jakku! Mahou no kinoko!! (2005) … Jack (English version, voice)
– Okure te ki ta otoko! Aran!! (2005) … Jack (English version, voice)
– Fantomu no hisoyaka na tanoshimi (2005) … Jack (English version, voice)
– Osorubeki majo! Doroshii!! (2005) … Jack (English version, voice)

2005 Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Dynasty Warriors 5 (Video Game)
Guan Ping (English version, voice, uncredited)

2005 Radiata Stories (Video Game)
Jack Russell (English version, voice, uncredited)

2004 Art of the Devil
Ong (English version, voice)

2003 Green Green (TV Series)
Yesuke (2003) (English version, voice)

2003 .hack//Legend of the Twilight (TV Series)
Shugo Kunisaki
– Densetsu no Hajimari (2003) … Shugo Kunisaki (English version, voice)
– Sekai no owari (2003) … Shugo Kunisaki (English version, voice)
– Maboroshi no Miyako (2003) … Shugo Kunisaki (English version, voice)
– Hokai no ashioto (2003) … Shugo Kunisaki (English version, voice)
– Koko no kishi (2003) … Shugo Kunisaki (English version, voice)

2003 Eiken (Video)
Densuke (English version, voice)

1999 Sol Bianca: The Legacy
Additional Voices (English version, voice, as Bryce Rothstein)

1997 The Dog of Flanders
Orphan (English version, voice)

1997 Detatoko Princess (Video)
Juwai (Japanese version, voice)

1997 Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play – Reflections OAV 2 (Video) (voice, as Bryce Rothstein)

1996 Fushigi Yûgi: Memories First OAV (Video) (voice, as Bryce Rothstein)

1995 Kaitou Saint Tail (TV Series)
Additional Voices
– A Christmas Story (1995) … Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Comet Is Closing! (1995) … Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Dog Helps (1995) … Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– Double Trap (1995) … Additional Voices (English version, voice)
– In a Pinch (1995) … Additional Voices (English version, voice)