Jeff Zannini

“Always reachable. Always honest.
Always with a Boston accent.”

Jeff Zannini may have traveled the world and lived all over the U.S., but he has stayed true to his hometown roots of Methuen, Massachusetts where everyone knows his name. It’s indicative of Jeff’s ambitious reach and personal approach that he takes in managing his business and his clients.

Jeff graduated from the University of Texas and has several degrees, including Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Computers, and Accounting. He is also a graduate of Disney University – The happiest school on earth!

Jeff’s past careers were just as diverse and intense as his education. From general manager and national trainer for Marriott and Candlewood Suites to managing the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the Boston Garden in Boston, to managing retail stores such as Target and Lowe’s, to working on “The Man Show” on Comedy Central for ten years and working alongside acclaimed film producer Jerry Zucker. 
But it was a good friend who inspired him to become an independant player in the entertainment industry…

“it’s about making my client, the promoter, and the fans happy.”

Jeff Zannini Management

When childhood buddy, Jess Harnell, and close friend, Chuck Duran, launched their Rock Sugar mash-up band, they signed with one of the top talent agencies in the world. Sensing missed opportunities (and having always appreciated Jeff’s people skills) they approached Jeff and asked him to help out. After a very short learning curve, Jeff was able to negotiate significantly better opportunities for the band in venues all around the world.

And, Jeff Zannini Management was born. 
From there, Jess asked if Jeff wouldn’t mind handling all his personal appearances and conventions. Within a year, Jeff was representing some of the best and most sought after voiceover talent in the business and broadening his scope to include on-camera celebrities, voice actors, wrestlers, writers, and musical artists.

The Philosophy

Jeff Zannini is a hands-on and personable manager who works closely with his clients and the show promoters; this hands-on approach insures that the needs of both are being met. He typically attends the shows and, often times he will be asked to moderate or host panels and events. This allows him to build rapport with the promoters and find the best ways to negotiate deals where both the client and the promoter are happy.

Jeff Zannini Management differs from the usual agency; Jeff works with his clients and the promoters through the wholte process, from initial contact through negotiations, to planning iteneraries and scheduling at the show, to insuring that all personal needs and requests are met.